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What is a Google Chrome Password Breach

In September 2021, Google warned more than two billion Chrome users that their Chrome browsers are at risk of being hacked. Google Chrome said that its users' security is a high priority. On the other hand, security experts believe it is time to leave Google Chrome. Google revealed that its browser "Chrome" has 37 vulnerabilities. Ten of these vulnerabilities were classified by Google as high threats.

How Important Secure Passwords Are?


A short, simple security code like “654” is a bad passcode. It takes less than a second with specialized software to breach it. There are only 1000 possible combinations, so most people know this security code isn't secure and is easy to breach.


Even a short, complex security code with 62 to the power of 3 possible combinations is cracked instantly and easy to breach. The obvious answer should be: Make a longer security code. Well, let's see.


A long but simple password containing only numbers is still no challenge to password cracking software. It takes less than 30 seconds, even though there are 1 trillion possible combinations. So let's go a step further and combine upper and lowercase letters with numbers.


Now the time to crack the password and breach it increases dramatically. With more than 3 sextillion possible combinations, it would take more than 3000 years to crack this password and breach it. That doesn't even include special characters.

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other platforms

Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

A few Additional Tips to Prevent Google Chrome Password Breach

You don't need to change passwords often unless you think someone else knows them. This is a common misconception in companies and can lead to fewer credentials' security since people will frequently tend to write down the passwords or slightly change them. Use two-factor-authentication. This way a criminal couldn't log in with your stolen credentials but would also need the second factor, which is usually a generated code on your phone.

Most major websites like Google, Twitter, and Facebook offer two-factor authentication in the account settings. If you don't use a randomly generated password, at least don't use one on the most common passcode list. These lists are created using leaked passwords in Google Chrome breaches, and other breaches, are always among the first anyone tries when guessing a password. Don't save credentials in plain text on your PC. While you should ideally be using a password manager that encrypts your credentials list, even writing them down on paper is better than storing them on your PC in a text file or Word document.

It's probably less likely that someone in your life will abuse them than a hacker gaining access to your unencrypted passwords. You can test the strength of a passcode on websites like “”. Even though the site promises not to send any passwords over the Internet, we still don't recommend entering your actual passwords.

How to Update Google Account Passcode in the Passwarden App


1. Sign in to your Passwarden account using the Master password.

2. Select the Google account to update.


3. Click "Edit" in the bottom right corner.

4. Update your Google account password in the Password field.

5. After you finish, click Save.


That’s it! Now your Google account password is successfully updated and saved to your Passwarden storage.

Benefits of Using Passwarden

Experts recommend you choose a password that is long complex with numbers symbols upper and lowercase letters random without any known pattern and unique for every login you use. But let's be clear, this is an impossible task for any normal human being, but computers are excellent at this, and they make it easy. This is why every internet user should use a password manager like Passwarden. But wait! How am I supposed to give Passwarden all of my passwords? The easy answer is you don't, and here are the main benefits of using Passwarden:


Military-Grade Encryption


When you use Passwarden, it creates an encrypted version of the password that only you can decrypt. Passwarden uses AES-256 encryption technology.

Zero-Knowledge Encryption


Passwarden follows Zero-Knowledge security model, which means that you are the only one -and no other person- who know the password or any credentials that you protect using Passwarden.

Duress Mode for Travel


This mode enables you to control what others can see if they have access to your Passwarden, create a Duress Mode password, select the vaults that you want to be shown during the Duress mode, and when you’re in a situation that forces you to open Passwarden, use the Duress Mode password instead of the Master Password. Only vaults that you have selected before will be shown.

If you need any help or want to ask any questions, please contact our professional customer support at [email protected]. We are ready to help you anytime!

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