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What Is Jenkins and Its Security

Jenkins is a software DevOps tool, this means it makes the software development process automatic. The tool assists mainly in communication and integration of various departments of the development process. Jenkins is created in the Java programming language and runs as a server on various platforms. These include Linux, macOS, and Windows. The system is an open-source continuous integration/ continuous delivery and deployment (CI/CD) automation software. Mainly, the software is used to create workflows, which are specifically referred to as pipelines.


Advantages of such a tool include minimizing human error and a reduction in the need of employees outside of working hours.

What Are Default Passwords?

Default passwords are pre-configured login details that come with almost every tech device or service on the market today. These are designed to make the initial setup of the new device or service simple and easy. However, these should be changed upon initial setup, to ensure that you are not vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

These default settings can put you at risk of being attacked because they make it easy for hackers to access your account and devices. Most of these settings can either be guessed, because they are often as simple as ‘admin’ and ‘password’, or they can be found by running a quick internet search for the default login details for your particular device. 


Jenkins default password

Upon installation of Jenkins, the default username is ‘admin’, while the default password gets filled by itself automatically. To change your password in Jenkins, log in to Jenkins master and enter your current password. Now select admin, click on configure, find ‘password’ and click on it, now you can enter your new password.

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Why Do You Need Password Security?

If you are using the internet daily, whether that is for your business, work, or personal purposes, you must protect yourself against cybercrime. One of the easiest ways to do so is to be sure your passwords are reliable and securely stored. 


Building Strong Passwords

To be protected against hackers, you must be sure that your passwords are incredibly strong. To ensure this, there are a few requirements they will have to fill:

  1. Exceeds 8 characters in length. The longer a password, the more time is required to crack it.
  2. Does not have common/dictionary words. Hackers make use of software that tries to crack your password by scanning the dictionary.
  3. Does not have personal information. Using information such as your name, a birthday, or a pet’s name, is dangerous because anyone can access this information through your social accounts.
  4. Contains a variety of symbols. Like with length, the greater variety in your password, the longer it takes to crack it.
  5. Is unique. Using the same login information for various accounts and platforms puts you at risk. If a hacker gains access to one account, they will be able to log in to your other accounts too.

Passwarden Security Features

Despite building a strong password, you need to be sure that it is securely stored too. How can you keep track of multiple long and complex passwords? Saving them on a document on your computer is unsafe, and writing them down in a notebook means you might easily lose them.


Without secure management, even the strongest passwords can be accessed by hackers. Luckily, there are safe and effective ways to manage your passwords. Mainly, this is through making use of password managers. There are two types of these: browser-based managers and manager applications. Both are designed to securely store and manage your passwords for you.



Passwarden makes managing passwords simple and easy for you! Passwarden is a password manager application that securely stores your information for you. Your data is encrypted, to ensure that no one other than yourself can access your information. This is a huge advantage because passwords are one of the easiest ways that hackers can log in to your accounts and profiles and steal your data, information, identity, and even money. 


An added advantage of Passwarden is that it has a built-in password generation feature. This means that Passwarden will create strong passwords for you. With Passwarden, you can be assured that your passwords are strong and safely stored.

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