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What Is HP and Its Security

The Hewlett-Packard Company is a software and computer services provider based in the United States. An electronic test and measurement equipment line had been the main focus when the firm was first established by Bill Hewlett and David Packard in a Palo Alto one-car garage back in 1939. Located at 367 Addison Avenue, the HP Garage is now officially recognized as a California Historical Landmark and is commemorated with a plaque proclaiming it the "Birthplace of Silicon Valley".


With its extensive range of products and services, HP aimed to meet the needs of consumers, small- and medium-sized companies (SMB), and major corporations, including clients in the health and education industries.

HP and Default Password

Default passwords are intended to serve as placeholders during the first configuration or factory reset of a device. If you keep the default credentials for many devices, you're taking a big risk. The user is not always asked to update their credentials throughout the process. To prevent security risks, users should update the default credentials to strong ones when setting up a device.


To prevent unauthorized users from altering or disrupting your network, the greatest security measure is the use of a password. HP Printers, for example, have begun offering this capability as well. You may have been prompted for your HP printer password if you attempted to make any changes to the printer's settings. This article will walk you through the process of resetting the default credentials on your HP printer.


Steps to Find HP Printer Default Password


The password should be tried out before any further procedures are taken. Because it may save you a lot of time, you might call it a "hit and try" strategy. To aid in your search, a list of the username and passwords for HP printers has been provided below.

Username Password
admin admin
administrator administrator
admin 12345678
administrator 12345678
admin admin123
administrator admin123


When in doubt, just use "admin" as both your username and your password. So, if you'd want to try one of the aforementioned passwords, you may. If they don't work for you, then you'll need to follow the instructions below to get the HP printer administrator passcode.


Step 1: Make a copy of the Settings page.

  • For around 5-10 seconds, press the WiFi button and the “I” button (information button) simultaneously.
  • Afterward, you'll get a copy of the settings.
  • You may also examine the printer's display screen to see whether it can print out settings.

The WiFi username and password must not be confused with the printer's password. You may go to the next step if you were unable to locate the HP Printer default password in this section.


Step 2: Look for the Printer's Manual.

  • You can find the Settings section in the manual's index.
  • Look for a password when you get to that page since it's likely that you'll need one to make changes to the settings.
  • For those who prefer the index or appendix route, check for a Password heading.
  • If you can't locate it in the handbook, try looking in the printer.


Step 3: Check the sticker over the printer

On the printer's backside, or someplace on the printer, you may look for a sticker. Typically, it comprises the printer's fundamental information. You must provide the password if it is required by your printer.

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