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What Is ESXi and Its Security

VMware developed this successful product for the server environment and presented it to us in 2001 under the name of ESX Server1. ESXi is not a simple product, but a Unix-based operating system that acts as a mere adapter. Yes, it is an “operating system”, it is an operating system that uses very little server resources and leaves a lot of resources to virtual servers built on it.


ESXi is software for virtualizing data centers into dynamic and simplified structures. In addition to being the most used software in this field in the sector, it is very rich in terms of the opportunities it offers. ESXi creates a data environment on the internet suitable for individual and corporate use for its users. It enables a physical server to operate as if it were multiple independent servers within a host system. In other words, it is the process of operating a computer as more than one computer. These virtual servers are called VPS or VDS. It is preferred due to its high accessibility, robustness and safe, resource optimization, and the support of its continuous use.

ESXi and Default Password

Connecting many systems, this ESXi is an essential solution for companies and casual users. However, like every system on which a lot of data is located, it is a system that needs to be carefully protected and secured. However, unfortunately, many users do not show the necessary care about the default password. Default passwords are the standard ones in such applications and must be changed by the users. The default password for ESXi is easily accessible over the internet. For example, with a little research, one can find that the default root code is "PASSW0RD" ("0" = numeric zero). For ESXi 6.7 the default root code is "P@ssw0rd" ("@" = at sign; "0" = numeric zero) or it is blank (that is, no password). For this reason, if you are using these solutions, you should change them immediately.

Of course, it must be admitted that the problems do not end here. There are many devices with default passwords, such as ESXi, and all of them need to be reset. This renewal process involves various risks. Your new password may be captured by hackers. Also, it is a very challenging process to save all the new different codes used for each application. Someone may steal your passwords if you write them somewhere, but if you do not write them, it is getting harder to remember all of them. Some users consider using the same code for all accounts and applications, but this is also risky because if someone finds it, he will sign in to all of your accounts and steal your data.

That's why we want to introduce you to a great solution. Thanks to Passwarden, which is equipped with the most advanced technologies, there is no need to get lost among passwords or forget them!


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The Great Advantages of the Passwarden

We have to have online passwords and accounts in every area of our lives. There are dozens of codes that we need to keep in mind, even on the simplest social media applications and even the most critical systems of our computer. Meet Passwarden, equipped with cutting-edge technologies that bring a wonderful solution to this problem of our modern world. Especially, our online world is getting more and more insecure. We can be the target of hacker attacks, hundreds of which happen every day. Unfortunately, the standard protection methods you use are insufficient or ineffective.


It is very clear your EXTi default password, which is very useful for you, can be exploited by hackers. In order to protect yourself from them, you need to get additional protection. Passwarden is the ideal solution for your need. Thanks to the Passwarden application, you will be able to keep your vital codes and critical data safe.


The benefits of using Passwarden:

  • Keep your data safe. No one can reach them!
  • Store all of your passwords
  • Import them easily
  • Additional benefits such as Duress Mode etc.

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