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Araknis Default Password And Data Security


Are you using Araknis devices or just planning to use them? So, this information is for you. All Araknis Networks routers, switches, and access points contain the OvrC cloud management platform. These OvrC enabled devices can be easily managed by any client, from any mobile device that uses an ultra-intuitive user interface. The main task of Araknis Network routers is to provide you with high-traffic networks. It possesses a cut in a firewall for additional safety and supports VPN technologies.


It allows remote access to the client’s network. But its main advantage is OvrC. All Araknis products are created for the fast and reliable work of your network. It can be easily installed and updated. All devices are cloud-controlled. They let you view them in a single dashboard. Araknis products are quite reliable and trusted. They will help you to get the best performance.


Araknis Network also supplies you with quick connections, solid systems, and strong signals. You can connect your device to the wireless or wired network. To do this, you need to enter the IP address suggested to the access point by the network. Every Araknis router has its Araknis default password. 

Safety Risks of a Default Password

So, it is a conventional password for a device. It has the default configuration for a number of devices. If you do not change it, you can face serious safety risks. The default password is used for firewalls, routers, switches, and access points. You can also find it in industrial control systems, embedded systems, and remote terminal interfaces such as SSH and Telnet. 

Opportunity for hackers

Remained unchanged, the default password leaves many opportunities for hacker attacks on your home equipment. If you connect it to a corporate network, your business will be in danger too. The risk increases if you have ICS security and embedded systems. It happens because environments were not supported to be accessed over the Internet.

Why you need to change default password

The default password was meant to be used only for the original setup of hardware. When the user enters it, he is prompted to alter one. To improve security, the owner of the device should alter the default value to a strong password. Araknis routers possess a default password of Araknis, a default username of Araknis, and a default IP address of This information is necessary if you do log in to the Araknis Networks routers web interface in order to change settings.

If you forget your Araknis Networks router password, do not worry. All Araknis Networks routers come with Araknis default password, which is factory set up. So, in order to defend your device from hackers, change Araknis's default password for a stronger one.

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Password Security

Passwords ensure the first line of protection against unauthorized access to your devices and sensitive information. Your protection directly depends upon their reliability. The stronger your password, the better your device is protected.

A strong password should include:

  • Uppercase letters
  • Lowercase letters
  • Symbols
  • Numbers

Password security is the combination of technologies, policies, and processes that make authentication methods and passwords safer. You should be aware of how to protect passwords. You can protect personal information and all possible devices only with the help of a secure password. It should be complex and unique. If you really want all your passwords to be protected and stored in a secure place, use Passwarden.


What is Passwarden

It is a secure password manager which was worked out by real professionals with 9 years of experience in developing security products. It implements principles that will help you to achieve super privacy and protect your data from all possible threats. Passwarden uses high-reliability, state-of-the-art safety algorithms. For more privacy, it implements client-side encryption. It is really important because all encryption algorithms run on the end of the user's device. Users can access their private information from any part of the world.

Benefits of using Passwarden

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Keep your data protected

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FAQ on Passwarden Usage

Is Passwarden safe enough?

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What to do if I forget my password?

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