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OPNsense and the Method of Using It Safely

pfSense software, developed by Rubicon Communications, is a firewall and router software that is managed via a web-based interface. As an open-source software distribution based on FreeBSD, pfSense is installed on a computer or on a virtual machine, from there to make a dedicated firewall or router for a network.


pfSense software can customize the distribution of FreeBSD and make it tailored for use, it can be configured, upgraded through a web interface. Furthermore, it can be managed without the knowledge of the fundamental FreeBSD system.


In addition to being a firewall and a routing platform, pfSense contains a list of features and a system that allow users to apply further expandability without the need to add bloat or security risks to the base distribution.


What is the Default Password?

The default password refers to the login details required to access a device or a service. It is usually provided by the service provider for users to access the device during first setup, or after resetting the device to factory mode.


Some devices use simple default passphrases, for example “admin”, and the users are asked to change it during configuration. This kind of default username and passphrase are normally written in the instruction manual or printed on the device. However, some other devices may come with a unique default passphrase printed on a sticker or on a separate paper. 


It is worth mentioning that when setting up a new device, one should always remember to change the default credentials because attackers may access your online devices using default username and passphrases that are shared.

What is the pfSense Default Password and How to Reset it?

When you first enter the pfSense login page, you will be asked for the login credentials, the default pfSense username and password are:

Username: admin

Password: pfsense 

After you fill in the default login information, the setup wizard will open a page for you to write some general information about your firewall, at last, it will ask you to change your default username and password. Once you finish resetting, pfSense will restart and this time it allows you to log in with the new login details.

It is strongly advisable that you change the default pfSense username and password to something stronger and to your own. For it is a potential web loophole that in in the case of being attacked, it may result in losing control of the firewall.

Another way to change the default pfSense username and password is to go to the Users page, select on the top left menu System -> User Manager -> Users, here you could make the relevant change.

It is worth noting that changing the pfSense default password will change the SSH default login details (username “root”, password “pfsense”), therefore you also need to use the new passphrase for the SSH access to pfSense.

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Tips for Your Password Security

There is no need to stress more about the importance of password security, but one can always use some advice. Here are a few tips you may find useful to enhance the security of you credentials:


  • Create strong passwords. Create a strong passphrase saves you a lot of trouble in the first place, remember to create a passphrase with a length between 8 to 20 characters and combine as many characters, symbols, numbers as you can.
  • For different accounts, use different passwords. Imagine, if you are using the same passphrase across different accounts, ALL your accounts will be vulnerable in case it’s been cracked.
  • Use two-factor authentication. Applying two-factor authentication to your account will help to keep your private data safe. You can find this option in the account settings or in your password management tool, such as in Passwarden, the most secure and efficient tool to keep your credentials safe.

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