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What Is a Twitter Password Breach and How To Prevent It

Twitter password breaches have become a serious issue in this technological development era, and no one wants to find themselves in that predicament. As the name implies, a Twitter password breach occurs when a third party steals, guesses, or gets access to your passcode. As a result, whatever content you've saved on the connected site or software, including personal data, could end up in the hands of an unknown person. How does it usually happen? Through brute force, phishing, data breaches, etc.

What Can You Do To Avoid a Password Breach?


Unfortunately, there is no foolproof method for preventing a Twitter passcode theft, which is why it is critical to keep a close eye on how your data is used online to avoid serious financial consequences and identity theft. The use of Passwarden helps protect your information from falling into the wrong hands. Use a strong and complicated passcode with each website to reduce the chances of a Twitter password breach, and don't reuse a similar secret pin. Update your passcodes more often and use a passcode manager rather than writing them on a piece of paper. These strategies can give a hacker difficulty in stealing your information.

The Best Way To Develop a Strong Password

Start with a long and memorable text, then add upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and a few symbols. You can make specific efforts to keep the hackers at bay if you keep in mind the nature of a cyberattack:

  • Choose a phrase that is at least 8 characters long, possibly more.
  • The more letters (upper- and lower-case) and numbers you include, the more powerful your passcode will be and the more difficult it will be to crack.
  • Use all of your keyboard's keys. As an example: bm*g%zaczi%koda)$r - this is a unique and strong password.


The level of computational power required to crack a passcode is directly proportional to its strength. To increase the time it takes to crack a passcode, security experts recommend that users select long, complex passwords. Here are some things you can do to make your passcode more secure:

  • Avoid using dictionary words or names in your passcodes. Avoid password patterns that are regularly used. Use different passcodes for different services. Use a reliable and secure password manager if you're going to store your password someplace.
  • Use two-factor authentication — In this case, the user must authenticate their identity using both her cell phone and her login and password.
  • Choose who has access to your Twitter account carefully. Don't share a passcode to your Twitter account.
  • Common substitutions should be avoided.
  • Avoid using keyboard shortcuts that are easy to remember.

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Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

How You Can Update Your Twitter Password in Passwarden


1. Sign in to your Passwarden account.

2. Choose the account you want to update. In this case, it is Twitter.


3. Press Edit in the bottom right corner.

4. Select Generate Password next to the Password field, and create a strong password choosing the length, lower/upper-case characters, numbers, and special symbols.

5. Update your passcode in the Password field and press Save.

The Benefits of Using Passwarden

Passwarden is a trusted password manager thanks to its strong security features:


Encryption that is bulletproof


No doubt, when it comes to sensitive data like your passcodes and other sensitive information, security is vital. Passwarden uses client-side data encryption together with AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocols. Your sensitive data and passwords become unreadable to any third parties, be it hackers or even KeepSolid employees.


Security dashboard


Security Dashboard notifies you about any security issues with the items you have saved in Passwarden. It presents several categories of problems, weak and reused passcodes, security breaches on your accounts sites, your items reaching their expiration date, and so on.

Duress mode


Besides the protection of your passcodes, your other personal data safety is also vital. Use Duress mode if you are forced to open our password manager app. Sign in with a Duress passcode in this case. Only the previously defined data will be displayed, leaving all the other information hidden.

Dual factor authentication


Enable two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security to your Passwarden account. You will receive a one-time passcode to the email you indicate, no one can access your data and password storage. If you choose the Authenticator App, you will receive OTP codes in this app.

Master password


This is a specialized passcode needed to log in to your Passwarden profile. Your sensitive data is locked securely behind this password. The Master password plays a crucial role in data encryption and decryption processes.

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