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Passwarden by KeepSolid - the Best Free Password Manager

Our daily routine is impossible without online services. We book rides, order pizza, send emails, or use online banking every day. And each online service requires you to log in and enter your password. But using the same combination of characters on all the platforms is insecure. So every time we have to create a new, strong, and reliable one.

How to create secure password

Creating a password, you should always remember simple instructions:

  • use digits, uppercase letters, and symbols in your password
  • do not use personally identifiable information like surname, date of birth, or cat’s name
  • create a unique password for every online service you use

Using a strong and unique password is one of the best ways to protect your sensitive information from hackers or other third parties. But day by day, our password list grows and it becomes unmanageable to remember hundreds of combinations. The good news is that we have a dozen free password manager apps to choose from to store those records. But choose wisely. There are some features the password manager must cover.

How to choose the Best Free Password Manager

To stay secure logging into a dozen accounts daily, you should use a reliable service. It is necessary to check out all pros and cons, especially if it’s a free password manager. Often, the absence of fees means some lack of quality. Free apps are usually a compromise solution. But to figure out what the best password manager is, let's check what features and functions the perfect application must have.



The first task the best password manager has to manage is security. When you use a password manager app, you don’t want to stuff your head with risks and worries about identity theft. The best password manager must implement data encryption and two-factor authentication.



Another important feature for the password manager is cross-platform accessibility. You want to have access to your password storage anytime and anywhere on all platforms. Your data needs to be synchronized with your phone, PC, and laptop as well. 


User interface

The user interface is another essential feature of the best password manager app. You don’t want to feel like the main screen of the app came from the early nineties. All the elements must be adapted to current online standards and work without failures.

Passwarden Is the Perfect Security Solution

All the features above apply to free password managers as well. If you don’t need to pay for the app, this doesn’t mean you should tolerate bad user experience. With the best free password manager, you will have access to all basic functions of the app, and if you need more, then you may pay. 

So, let us introduce Passwarden. It’s the perfect security solution for keeping your passwords protected and safe. Even though this password manager is free, Passwarden provides all the necessary functions in a free version. Free mode allows you to store an unlimited number of items. The security level of the app is not stricken. You can keep any number of passwords, secret notes, or bank details in your secure vaults. And all of them will be encrypted and protected from third parties.

Free Doesn’t Have to Mean Useless

Download Passwarden to check out the best free password manager app!

Upgrade the Best Free Password Manager to The Ultimate Solution

You can never have too much security. With Passwarden you can have an ultimate solution at a reasonable cost. A set of personal and family plans allows you to improve your password manager to another level. 

In Personal and Family plans you still have an unlimited number of items to keep. But now you can securely share your passwords and sensitive data with others. You can invite people to your vaults and guarantee that your personal information will not leak to third parties. 

With a paid plan you don’t have any limits with used devices. You can access your vaults no matter how many gadgets you own. Passwarden is a cross-platform solution that allows you to use your saved passwords on popular platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and popular web-browsers.


Why Passwarden is the Best Free Password Manager

Migration and Cross-platform security

Passwarden’s Import Wizard is a perfect tool to move from another free password manager to Passwarden. Check out the instructions on how to import items from other sources. You can organize these items in vaults that are available on any device. You can get your records on all major operating systems: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and browser extensions.


Duress mode

Duress mode is perfect if you are forced to give access to your Passwarden profile but still would like to keep your secret data private. You create a special Duress password and select Vaults that you wish to be seen in Duress mode. Enter your Passwarden account with the Duress password instead of a Master password and Passwarden will hide the most important, personal, and sensitive information.

Encryption protocols

Military-grade protocols AES-256 and EC p-384 provide client-side encryption and Public Key cryptography algorithm. All your details and secret items are encrypted in the app. With Passwarden you can be confident that information in your vault can’t be accessed by third parties. Nobody, even the KeepSolid team, can access your data. 

User interface and log in

Whatever device you have, Passwarden provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface.  You can easily manage your items, share your vaults, and generate passwords. Passwarden supports biometric identification and allows you to log in with FaceID, TouchID, and master-password. Swift and safe!

Get Passwarden - The Ultimate Security Solution

Passwarden is available with any platform and any device. Check it out!