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Okta password manager vs. Passwarden Comparison

There are many choices at our disposal when we think of managing our passwords online. A lot of different services exist that can create and manage our online identities, but it can still get complicated when we are trying to find the right one. Are you looking for a good password manager? Check out this comparison and learn our Okta alternative with all the amazing features!

Comparison: Okta password manager vs. Passwarden



okta password manager


Data encryption AES-256 and ЕС р-384 AES 256
Random Password Generator
Cross-device synchronization
Multi-platform support
Password Manager with VPN
Trial Full-featured 7-day trial 30-day trial
Lifetime plan
Rating: 5 4

A Short Review for Okta password manager

Okta was founded in 2009 by two early executives of cloud computing pioneer Salesforce.com. As web-friendly or cloud-based software became more widely used in the workplace, a large number of startups sprang up, and Okta was one of them. Okta's software is essentially a "cloud connector" that brings together a huge amount of software applications used by a company and its employees.

Okta password manager is part of the Okta identity management network, it provides its customer a comprehensive solution to securely manage passwords for many applications. Okta is one of the most famous names in identity management today. However, like any password management service, there are some parts about Okta where they seem to fall short. As a software mainly designed for business use, it’s possible that Okta password manager can’t meet the requirements of individual users, the main reasons may be the following:

  • Does not support a random password generator.
  • Some amazing features are still experimental (e.g., social identity provider support) and may not work as intended for some time.
  • Expensive hardware is required for authentication that requires the functionality of on-premises AD.

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other platforms

Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense software bundle.

The Best Replacement to Okta password manager

It’s always recommended to find the password management service that suits you the most. Passwarden is by far the best choice! It provides many amazing features and the most competitive price that can cover all your needs. 

Random strong passwords

Passwarden provides a powerful and simple-to-use password generator. One of the amazing features is it can customize lengths, as well as the ability to decide whether it’s needed to use numbers, uppercase letters, or symbols. You can create random strong passwords within just 1 click, and immediately save it to the encrypted storage.

Pay 1 account for all your devices

You can choose to pay for a single subscription, then use our Okta alternative on any number of supported devices. No need to spend extra for other devices and no need to worry about running out of slots.

Super-easy Data import

It’s so simple to transfer data from external sources to Passwarden, using our Migration feature, for example you can easily export passwords from any browsers like Chrome to our password manager.

Available on multi-platform

Our replacement to Okta supports multitude devices. You can use this password manager on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and all the popular browsers, even as a web app.

Offline mode supported

Sometimes you may want to access your passwords or other credentials when there’s no internet. With Passwarden, our replacement to Okta, that is no problem! You can still access Passwarden without internet connection.

Automatic synchronization

Whatever change or a new entry in your Vaults will be automatically synchronized to all your other devices. This can save you a lot of trouble in managing your passwords.

Password manager plus VPN

Choosing a KeepSolid product will allow you to enjoy the benefits of password managers and VPNs and get a MonoDefense security bundle to protect every aspect of your online life.

Store your important data

Not only your passwords, Passwarden can also store and protect all types of your important data such as personal information, login credentials, payment details, licenses, etc.

Autofill your passwords

It is quite boring to manually enter all those long, complex passwords every time. No worry, our Okta alternative can autofill your passwords. Let our app do the job for you!

Flexible Pricing

We understand that each of you have different needs for password manager, therefore we provide a flexible price list. Whether you are looking for a service for a month, for a year or even lifetime, we have all these plans for you with the most competitive price in the market.

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