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What is the Best Password and How to Create it in a Few Clicks

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Nowadays, most of our lives take place online: social media, emails, work and education, online banking, shopping, and whatnot. Data breaches occur every now and then. In this digital universe, having strong passwords is crucial as they are the digital keys and the first line of defense of your accounts and personal info.

What is the best password? How do passwords get cracked? How to create a super-strong password combination? What is the best password app? The Passwarden team is answering all the questions in this piece. Check it out!

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Why are Unique Strong Passwords Important

Using a weak password is like leaving the front door to your online life wide open. It can take cybercriminals just a few seconds to crack it. Most often, hackers use dictionary and brute force attacks, which involves checking out all possible password combinations before the right one is found.

For example, a 8-character password, which is a dictionary word and includes only lower-case letters, like “football” can be hacked in just 0.19 milliseconds – virtually in the blink of an eye. 

Having a strong password that can resist a brute force attack is not enough. Many people make the dreadful mistake of using the same password for different accounts. It might be easier to remember, but if one account gets compromised, all the rest are at high risk. With the ever-increasing number of data breaches nowadays, it’s crucial to take all necessary measures to secure your accounts. And using strong and unique passwords is an important step towards your cybersecurity. 

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What are the Passwords to Avoid

According to the best password practices, here are the password combinations to avoid: 

  • Dictionary words. A strong password should be something that is incredibly difficult for anyone to guess or crack, so don’t use words like "password" or any other dictionary words. 
  • Memorable keyboard paths. If you’re using sequential keyboard paths like  "qwerty", you’re only making it easy for hackers to break into your account. Such weak passwords can also be cracked in seconds.
  • Personal info. It's crucial not to use personal information, like your date of birth, nickname, the name of your pet, etc. This is a kind of info that a hacker can easily obtain by checking out your social media accounts, looking up your online work profile, or in any other way.

What is the Best Password 

What’s the password that can protect your account from brute force and other types of attacks? Cybersecurity experts agree that the best password is the one that’s unique and strong enough. In turn, a strong password should contain: 

  • Both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters, for example @()!%#/

This makes your passwords much more resistant to cyberattacks, and your accounts – more secure. Another question is how long should be the best password? 

The length of a password is extremely important when it comes to security. It is recommended to use a password of at least 12 characters long and even more. With each additional symbol, the number of possible combinations increases exponentially, which makes it virtually impossible to crack (provided that you follow other recommendations and use a mix of different characters).  

So, the best password is a combination that is at least 12 characters long and includes upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Coming up with such a password may be quite challenging. And remembering it is next to impossible. This is where best password apps like Passwarden come into play.

What Makes Passwarden the Best Password App

With Passwarden, all of your passwords are created, stored, and managed in an encrypted vault. It helps you to create as many strong and unique passwords as you want without the need to memorize them. In other words, due to its handy features, Passwarden makes your password management a breeze. Here are just some of them: 

  • Generate best passwords 

With a good password app like Passwarden, you no longer need to wrack your brain trying to come up with a strong password combination. Passwarden generates it for you in just a few clicks. All you need is just choose the preferred length and other settings, and get the best passwords to keep your accounts safe.

  • Autofill login details

Strong passwords are not only difficult to remember but to type them in login forms, too. Passwarden simplifies this process as well. It fills out your login data for you if the necessary credentials are stored in your Passwarden vault.

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  • Encrypt your data 

Passwarden secures your passwords and other data by using the AES-256 encryption algorithm. It is considered to be strong enough to protect even classified government info, so your passwords are safe with us.

How to Create Best Passwords with Passwarden 

  1. Download Passwarden on your device.
  2. Create your KeepSolid ID or log in with an existing one if you’re already using other KeepSolid services. 
  3. Set a strong Master Password and make sure to keep it somewhere safe. This is your key to Passwarden and the only password you need to remember. 
  4. Once you log in to our password app, choose the necessary item, such as email account, login, etc. 
  5. In the Password field, tap Generate Password.
  6. Choose the preferred password length and configure the settings to use digits, symbols, and upper case to create the best password. 
  7. Press Use Password and save changes.

That’s it! There is also a detailed guide on generating the best passwords if you need more info. Or feel free to contact our customer support team whenever you need.  

The Best Password App is Almost Yours

Get Passwarden, generate the best passwords, and make your online life more secure!

April 9, 2021