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Top 9 Password Managers for iPhone

Apple's built-in password manager is not the best option for iPhone. And internet users have been concerned about iCloud Keychain's reliability. It may be time to start looking for the best password manager for iPhone 2023.


Many remember the iCloud Keychain vulnerability in 2014 when nude photos were stolen from celebrities during an event called “The Fappening”. The problem is that iPhone iCloud Keychain is stored with your iCloud account, which means that your information's privacy and security depend on Apple.


Here is our list of the best iPhone password managers currently available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.


Only One Master Password
Passwarden, like other password managers, requires the master password for data encryption. You create it, and the software uses it to generate random encryption keys. As a result, the master password is the one that hides and unscrambles your data.


Unbreakable Encryption
Security is critical when it comes to information such as passwords. Passwarden uses client-side data encryption using the AES-256, which is the best encryption technology out there. These techniques make your personal information and passwords unreadable to third parties.

Passwarden Logo

Create Strong Passwords Easily
Creating strong passwords has become an important component of your online security. However, doing it by yourself every time might be exhausting and even difficult. As a result, using Passwarden, you may just use its password generator. It helps you create strong and secure passwords that are nearly unbreakable.

Security Dashboard
The Security Dashboard alerts you to data breaches and other security threats regarding your Passwarden items that have been stored. It covers a wide range of problems, such as bad and repeated passwords, data leaks on websites where you have credentials, expired items, and so on.

Duress Mode
If you have to open your iPhone password manager under force, then you should prepare Duress mode. Create a Duress password and choose some or create vaults that you think are not important for you, and use the Duress password to open Passwarden when required. It will only display the data that you have previously defined, hiding any other information. Duress mode is the same as Travel mode in other password managers.

Passwarden is one of the best password managers for iPhone for both novice and experienced users. Its features are easy to use, with a combination of current and old-school designs.


Passwarden is compatible with all major operating systems, including iPhone, and it is also available as a browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera.

Get the first and best line of defense against cyber threats with Passwarden

other platforms

Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Keeper is a password manager created by Keeper Security, Inc. that allows users to store online login credentials, documents and images, and other sensitive information in an encrypted digital web vault.

Keeper suffered from an issue in 2018, which a security researcher claimed could have given access to a user's confidential data. The problem, which the company acknowledged and has since resolved, was reported anonymously to a public security disclosure list and outlined how anyone running Keeper's API server might obtain access to a user's vault of passwords and other sensitive information.

In layman's terms, anyone with access to Keeper's API — such as company workers — may unlock your account because the API server keeps the information necessary to generate an intermediary decryption key.


Keeper uses AES 256-bit encryption, combined with PBKDF2 encryption to, make the information in your vault truly private. Keeper is also a zero-knowledge service, which means it basically has no access to your data. Of course, the Keeper password manager comes with two-factor authentication. Keeper has its own authenticator. So you don't need to go for third-party providers.


In 2017, a Google Project Zero researcher discovered that the Keeper password manager was vulnerable to a critical bug comparable to one he spotted in the same software just over a year before.


The bug affects the Keeper browser extensions, which are installed alongside the Keeper desktop application unless users are opt-out. If an authorized user visits a maliciously constructed website, attackers can steal credentials stored by the app.

NordPass is a proprietary password manager. Its purpose is to help users organize their passwords and protect notes by storing them in a single location - an encrypted password vault.

Many customers claimed that the iPhone and Mac versions of the software are exceedingly unstable. It never auto-fills, frequently locks the user out, and barely loads. It also doesn't work with a lot of websites. To log your passwords, you're better off using Notes All or a Microsoft Doc than this badly designed software.

NordPass Logo

However, while NordPass makes adding entries simple, the number of entries you may add is highly limited. There are no modification possibilities and the fields offered are fairly basic. IDs (driver's licenses, passports, and so on) can only be stored as free text in Secure Notes, and file attachments are not supported.


NordPass claims that it uses a zero-knowledge model. This means that the data stored in each vault is encrypted, with the user-defined master password serving as the only decryption key (used to access the vault at the start of each session).


However, NordPass, a product of Nord Security, has a connection to Tesonet, which, for your information, operates a data-harvesting business. Furthermore, the NordPass software is private rather than open source, so no one can see what is going on "under the hood."

One of the very strange sides of this app is that Its customer service and email services are mostly housed in the United States. Any information sent by the user via email or their customer support system may be routed via and stored on a number of intermediate systems. If the user so desires, he may encrypt emails sent to them using their PGP public key. This means that, If a user is not aware of this issue, then all his data will be routed to the so-called intermediate services!

1Password Logo

1Password uses standard AES-256-bit encryption to keep your data secure. Plus, each account is protected with a secret key, a 38-digit security code stored on your device and your device only. It’s available on all major systems and devices, including iPhone.


1Password is customizable and allows you to organize things into multiple vaults, making it ideal for families who want to manage things effortlessly. Another feature of 1Password is its travel mode, which allows you to hide specific password vaults, so they are unavailable when you travel abroad.


On the other hand, 1Password states in its privacy policy that agents or contractors may have access to your personal information in order to perform services on 1Password's behalf.


Moreover, they may collect and disclose your information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action about criminal activity, suspected fraud, or circumstances involving possible risks to any person's physical safety.

RoboForm is another password manager that combines security and user experience. It's a password manager that suits iPhone and Android devices.

The awkward thing about this software is that you can access their privacy policy on their website! Instead, you’ll get a webpage with the heading “RoboForm Privacy Policy” and a phrase saying: “Let's Connect:” with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube icons beside it, and that’s all!

RoboForm Logo

RoboForm encrypts files locally, there's also cloud sharing and dark web monitoring. It has a security center where it checks and alerts you if any passwords are potentially hacked or extremely easy to guess. Its user interface is mostly easy to use for beginners.


Sometimes, the mobile app struggles to fill in the information on some programs. Additionally, it lacks critical functionality like 2FA, online access, and shared folders, which is not the best thing for software that was created back in 2010!


RoboForm states in their privacy policy that they obtain information about you and your activities from third-party partners, such as advertising and market research partners, who provide them with information about your interest in, and engagement with, their Services and online advertisements.

RoboForm is also not a budget-friendly software, since there's no monthly subscription. An annual plan is the shortest duration you can opt-in.

Dashlane is a password manager and digital wallet app that is available for macOS, Windows, iPhone, and Android. Dashlane's pricing approach is freemium.

Dashlane includes standard 256-bit AES encryption as well as a zero-knowledge policy. So your personal information isn't anywhere, according to them. It also comes with one gigabyte of encrypted file storage. It comes also with a free VPN with unlimited bandwidth and covers 20 countries.


The free version of Dashlane gives you the possibility to save up to 50 passwords only, so generous! It also has a dark web scanner, which, as the name suggests, helps you keep track of any leaks.


A phishing campaign targeted Dashlane users in 2021. Dashlane informed its clients via Twitter that it is monitoring the situation and attempting to block it. It also warned them to avoid any communication requesting their credentials, since they will never request them, especially via email.

LastPass is a password manager that stores encrypted passwords online for free. LastPass's standard version includes a web interface as well as plugins for various web browsers and apps for many smartphones. It also includes bookmarklet support. LastPass was purchased by LogMeIn, Inc. in October 2015.

It’s available on all operating systems, including iPhone’s iOS.

The LastPass CEO stated in August 2022 that an unauthorized person(s) had taken "portions of source code and some private LastPass technical information." This is a frustrating issue since password manager software should be impervious to hacks.

LastPass Logo

Again, the company announced in June 2015 that hackers had gained access to the network. Users were prompted to change master passwords while signing in back then.


LastPass has a variety of options. To begin with, it supports all main platforms, so you'll be covered when you switch between computers, laptops, and smartphones. The free version also includes device synchronization. It also provides multi-factor authentication options and one gigabyte of encrypted file storage.


Unfortunately, as the song says; “With the sweet comes the sour”. The DEA demanded logins, physical and IP addresses, as well as communications between a user and LogMeIn, the owner of the massively popular tool LastPass. It's a password vault that's encrypted. According to a search warrant, the DEA was looking for information on a LastPass customer, Stephan Caamano, who was suspected of dealing drugs on the dark Web and Reddit. And guess what? LastPass did return the suspect's IP addresses, as well as when Caamano's LastPass account was established and when it was last used. Obviously, we all agree that no one should break the law, but what about all the things about privacy policy and “we’ll never share your information with any party?”

Discover the safe password management.

Zoho Vault is a password manager developed by Zoho Corporation, an Indian multinational technology firm that specializes in web-based business applications. It is primarily recognized for providing the online office suite Zoho Office Suite. The company was established in 1996.

Zoho Vault was a victim of a massive data breach that occurred within The International Committee of the Red Cross servers, which is based in Switzerland.

ZohoVault Logo

During the incident, the attackers acquired access to the personal information (names, addresses, and phone numbers) of approximately 515,000 persons participating in the "Restoring Family Links" program, which helps reconnect family members separated by war, disaster, or migration.


Zoho Vault allows you to preserve an unlimited number of passwords, notes, and other sensitive data. Passwords can be synchronized across an unlimited number of devices. It allows you to enable multi-factor authentication for your vault. You can also create strong, unique passwords for all new accounts, and check your password security scores.


With all these best things to have above, it seems that the Zoho company can’t protect its users. In 2021, Zoho said that at least nine multinational organizations and 11,000 servers were compromised In a cloud software firm breach, and users must take immediate action.

Avira password manager we created by Avira company, which is a multinational computer security software firm based in Germany that is well known for its antivirus program Avira Free Security. Avira was created in 2006, however, the antivirus application has been in active development since 1986, when it was developed by its predecessor business, H+BEDV Datentechnik GmbH.

When it comes to managing and protecting passwords, Avira password manager is not an attractive option. Because direct communication is only available to paying customers, users of the free version can only ask questions in the forum. Premium users can get assistance via phone or through support tickets. This is not an attractive way to do business. Additionally, the autofill seems to not work as it should be, credit card details saved on some websites cannot be automatically added since the Avira symbol does not appear in the entry box. Additionally, some iPhone users reported that the app erases all its data after every update.

Avira Logo

Avira's approach, like most password managers, embraces zero-knowledge proof: only you know your passwords, and Avira keeps no copies or backups of them. Your data is secured with the highly secure AES 256 algorithm, and your master password is encrypted and stored on Avira's servers, where it should be safe.


Non-paying users can use 2-factor authentication for added security. Simply input your phone number, and when you log in, you will be sent a code to validate your identity. Authenticator apps and other means of authentication are not supported, which is another major disadvantage.


Other functions are non-existent, even from Avira Password Manager Pro. One of these absences is secure password sharing, which is a very basic feature and is included with most password managers. The same is true for one-time data set transfer, emergency access, and travel mode. Our conclusion about this software is that it doesn’t really worth the money.


As you might know, the human factor is not the best link in the chain of cybersecurity. Remember that you should be aware of your online existence. It’s your first and best line of defense against cyber threats. Then, the role of a password manager comes. Keep in mind that fame is not always an indicator of being the best product. As you probably have noticed earlier in this article, some password managers have a great pool of customers, but they have a dark side to tracking their users and sharing their information.


Here at Passwarden, we’re proud to say that our software doesn’t track users, nor share their information. We didn’t do it, and we’ll never do it. Our software is available for all operating systems, and it’s also available as a browser extension for all major browsers. Even if you forget your Master password, you still can retrieve access to your Passwarden account, which is an option some software here in the list doesn’t have.

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