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Top 13 of The Best Mac Password Managers This Year

Macs are some of the best PC’s on the market today, and as with any other internet-connected device, it is essential that you take precautions to make sure your device is protected. Most Mac users are under the impression that they are protected from cybercrime because Macs are not targeted. This is simply incorrect, in recent years the attacks on Mac users have been on an increase. Cybersecurity is not an issue that only Windows users face. It is in your best interest to take the steps to protect yourself and your Mac.


When it comes to online security, your passwords and how you manage them are critical. Passwords serve as the first line of defense against hackers and spies. They keep you and your information safeguarded against anyone who wants to harm you online. However, most people are extremely lax and nonchalant about their password security on Mac. It is widely known that passwords should be strong, but many users fail to use unique ones for each of their logins and do not store them securely.


The best way to practice good password management is to make use of a password manager on your Mac. These are software specially designed to keep your information safe online. However, selecting the best one for your personal or professional needs can be challenging, especially with the wide range available to choose from. In this article, we will discuss the best password managers for your Mac in 2023.


Best Password Managers for Mac 

To help you decide on the best apple password manager for you and your Mac, we have compiled a list of the best options available. To aid in your decision, we provide you with the pros, cons, and features of each application listed below.

Passwarden is by far one of the best options you can select for your Mac. With over 9 years of experience in cybersecurity and 35 million customers globally, Passwarden has a good reputation. Passwarden uses top-level security features, with client-side encryption that makes use of AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocols. To keep you fully protected, by making sure no one else can access your passwords, Passwarden uses two-factor authentication. Additionally, there is a featured Duress Mode, which keeps your most private information hidden if you’re being forced to open your account.

Passwarden Logo

When it comes to convenience, Passwarden offers Mac users a great range of useful features. The application is simple and easy to use, with one account you can sign into each of your devices and migrate your information between them. In addition to Mac, Passwarden supports Windows, Android, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. You can share data and Passwords with other selected users, this is very useful for colleagues who all need access to the same sensitive information. If you were previously using a browser-based password manager, Passwarden allows you to migrate these into their application.

Passwarden’s Security Dashboard is a very attractive feature. It assesses your passwords and informs you of how strong they are, generating new strong passwords. In addition, notifies you in the event that any of your information has been leaked via a data breach. Passwarden offers different plans, depending on whether you are an individual, family, or business team.

Passwarden is famous for its ease of use and convenience

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other platforms

Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Password Boss is a pretty basic password manager, providing you with all the necessities while giving you very few additional features. Although Password Boss lacks some cool and niche features of other managers, there is one feature that makes it quite attractive. This feature is remote deletion, which can be very useful in the event that your Mac is stolen or lost.

Password Boss Logo

This isn't the most highly recommended software in the article, but it gets the job done and is still a decent choice for your Mac. The basic features of Password Boss include: password sharing, dark web monitoring, two-factor authentication and a password generator.

If you’re looking to save lots of time and have the convenience of online forms being filled out for you on your Mac, then Roboform is the way to go. Roboform’s autofill feature is the best and far more advanced than that of the other password managers listed in this article. The software allows you to save up to 8 autofill templates and has different categories of forms, depending on your needs. This is Roboform’s key feature and what makes it stand out.

RoboForm Logo

In terms of password management, Roboform offers its clients unlimited passwords across unlimited devices. When it comes to security, Roboform assesses your passwords and determines how strong they are, it also features a password generator to make sure any new passwords are reliable. Sharing passwords with other Roboform users, as well as any sensitive information in notes is very easy.


Another unique feature of Roboform is that their browser extension saves bookmarks, which makes it easy to access your favorite websites no matter what browser you are using. However, it lacks dark web monitoring and secure storage, features that many competitors have.

Keeper is extremely secure and makes use of security features such as biometrics and two-factor authentication. In order to keep your data away from cyber criminals, Keeper audits your passwords and tells you which of your passwords need to be changed. Keeper offers different payment plans for individuals, families, and businesses - this allows you to choose one that is the best for your Mac. 

Other than storing your passwords, Keeper also gives you encrypted file storage, which comes in handy for storing sensitive documents and information. Keeper offers more storage (10-100GB) than any of its competitors, making it the best choice for someone who needs to securely store a lot of information on a Mac.


Dark web monitoring is a free additional feature that you can add to your Keeper subscription. A disadvantage is that is something you have to manually add on, whereas it comes standard with competitor managers that have this feature. 


What sets Keeper apart from other applications is its encrypted messenger, KeeperChat. This allows users to share files and messages that are totally private because they are safeguarded by high-level encryption. This is an excellent choice for you if you are seeking additional privacy when sharing sensitive messages and media over text.

Dashlane was previously an application but has recently been updated to be a browser application. It is compatible with all major browsers including Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and others. Dashlane makes use of two-factor authentication to ensure that your data is only accessible to you. If you’re someone who frequently shares passwords, then Dashlane is one of the best choices because it comes with an unlimited amount of sharing.


Dashlane’s most attractive feature is that it comes with an integrated VPN. This is the only independent password manager that also offers its users VPN. This feature is great for anyone looking for additional online security on Mac, but doesn’t want to have additional applications in order to be protected.


To provide its users with extra safety, Dashlane has dark web monitoring, and unlike other software that use databases to scan for threats and breaches, Dashlane employs staff to do this.

Sticky Password is a very basic and easy-to-use password manager. It gets the job done by securely storing your passwords. It lacks key features that other password managers have such as dark web monitoring and file storage, but if these aren’t useful to you, then Sticky Password is the way to go.

StickyPassword Logo

Sticky Password does offer local data syncing, which is unique and is not something that is offered by other managers. This feature allows you to sync passwords across devices that are connected to a secure network, such as your private home Wi-Fi. However, you are able to turn off this feature in the event that you’d like to sync data no matter where you are. 

Other features of Sticky Password on Mac include sharing, bookmark storing, and banking detail autofill.

LastPass is one of the best-recommended password managers. LastPass offers Mac users password generation, auditing, and sharing - all of which make it a useful manager. A feature that all managers have, is that LastPass has account recovery options. This means that if you’ve forgotten your master password, there are various routes you can take to recover your data. 

LastPass can be used either as a browser extension on Safari, or other browsers, or you download the LastPass application onto your Mac. LastPass can be used offline, this is very convenient, and even the browser extension works with your device being connected to the internet.

LastPass Logo

LastPass monitors the dark web for any data breaches and will notify you accordingly in the event that your data has been leaked. Users are provided with 1GBG of encrypted storage space. 


One feature that is very convenient with LastPass is that it is compatible with Mac’s Touch ID scanner. This means that you can use your fingerprint to access your password and do not need to go through the hassle of entering your master password.

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Avira is one of the best options for your Mac if you’re not very tech-savvy and are simply looking for easy yet effective protection. Avira offers you all the basics that you need in a password manager. It works through a web page and browser extension, but unfortunately, there is no desktop app, nor an extension for Safari. However, it does work on other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox on Mac.

Avira Logo

Avira provides you with an unlimited number of passwords that are accessible across multiple devices. The software includes tools which monitor the internet for data breaches in order to alert you if your information has been compromised. In addition, Avira determines the strength of your password and can generate reliable passwords for you. 


When it comes to security, Avira makes use of built-in two-factor authentication and provides the option of using biometric logins. However, Avira lacks key features that its competitors have, such as account recovery, secure storage, and password sharing. 


If you want to be safe beyond just what a password manager has to offer, you can get Avira’s internet security package. This includes Avira’s password manager, antivirus software, and VPN.

1Password has such security features, including zero-knowledge architecture, two-factor authentication, and 256-bit AES encryption. A key feature of 1Password is Watchtower, which monitors the safety of your passwords in real-time. This feature will bring your attention to any password that put you at risk, whether that be due to their strength, repetition, or data breaches. What sets 1Password apart from other managers is that Watchtower also monitors the dark web for data breaches. Many of the other managers listed here do not have this feature. 1Password also automatically fills in our data in online forms, a feature that can save you plenty of time.

1Password Logo

1Password is useful if you are looking to share passwords with family members or business colleagues. You can store different information in the appropriate vault and then share them with selected users. You are also able to categorize your vaults as you wish, making organization easy. Note that there is no limit on the number of users that may share a family plan - no other password manager offers this. Additionally, 1Password’s Travel Mode can be used to hide certain data while you are traveling, allowing you to access your everyday passwords while keeping everything else protected.

Features included with Enpass: unlimited passwords, vault storage, and sharing, password generator, password strength calculator, data breach notifications, and biometric login option.

Enpass is unique in that it stores your passwords on your Mac’s hard drive, as opposed to storing them online like other password managers. This gives you a much stronger level of security since your data isn’t even stored online, the risk of it being hacked and accessed by someone else is extremely low. Enpass is an excellent option for anyone who frequently works with sensitive accounts.

Enpass Logo

However, the shortcoming of this type of storage is that accessing your passwords on other devices can be tedious. In the case that you need to access your information on more than one device, Enpass gives you the option of also storing your data on a USB or on a third-party cloud-sharing platform like Dropbox or Google Drive.

A very unique feature of LogmeOnce is its password-free login. You can access your data by either scanning a QR code with your mobile device or using the PhotoLogin option. The PhotoLogin will send in real time a photo of you from your Mac to your mobile phone, you will then be asked to verify that is you and then be allowed to log in.

LogMeOnce Logo

LoginmeOnce allows you to securely share passwords with other users in a convenient and easy way. They also monitor the dark web for any data breaches or identity theft and will notify you accordingly and guide you on what steps to take next. The software accesses passwords and will assist you in making sure all your logins are reliable. 


In addition, LogmeOnce provides you with the option of encrypting files on cloud storage sites. This means that you can encrypt Dropbox, Google Drive, SharePoint, and OneDrive. LogmeOnce’s dashboard lets you access files from each of these cloud services in one convenient place. 


LogmeOnce’s password-free login makes it a great option if you tend to forget passwords very easily and remembering one master password login is a challenge for you.

Bitwarden is very easy to use, you will have your account set up on your Mac in no time. This software sells itself on its ease of use and convenience. Bitwarden offers its users unlimited passwords across unlimited devices. 

It is a password manager that is open source. This means that not only can you view the coding of the software yourself, but you are also able to make use of command lines and host your own servers.

Bitwarden Logo

Bitwarden uses end-to-end encryption and 256-bit AES protocols to ensure your data remains entirely private and is not even visible to Bitwarden employees. In addition, they use zero-knowledge architecture, providing you with peace of mind and ultimate security. 


Other features Bitwarden has to offer: are password generation, password auditing, autofill, data sharing, and business and personal plan packages.

mSecure is a basic and simple password manager, provides you with high-level protection. The software organizes your data for easy management, with templates as well as sorting and filtering tools. mSecure was designed to be very easy to use, making it the best choice for Mac users looking for a password manager that offers convenience. mSecure employs 256-bit AES protocols to encrypt your information. mSecure’s password-generating feature helps you create reliable and unique logins for all your online accounts.

mSecure Logo

Although mSecure is easy to use and does provide a good level of protection, it lacks many of the key features that other managers have. This makes it an ideal choice for a beginner user, but might not be the best option for advantaged users and tech fanatics.


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Passwarden is the best recommendation no matter what your needs are