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Top 9 Free Secure Password Managers

Aware that online safety is important, people are looking for different ways that are simple and fast to ensure their protection without too much effort. Password managers software and apps have been gaining popularity lately because they are very efficient for people who want to keep their passcodes in a secure place without having to memorize them. Moreover, they usually offer many security features that will guarantee the safety of all users. Some software and apps can be better than others, and people are frequently looking for the safest and the best software or app, no matter how simple it is.


Now the question is, out of all the Password managers apps and software in the market, which ones are the best? Which ones have the best features? And which ones will meet all my needs? In the following article, we will be presenting the best free Password Manager software and apps of 2024 along with all their best features and benefits. For more details, you can check this link.


Best Free Password Manager Apps

Two-factor authentication
Passwarden offers a built-in two-factor authentication option to provide all its users with extra safety and security. Users will receive a code through SMS or Email to enter to log in.


Master Password
A Master Password is the only passcode one will have to remember. It is a long and complex password that only the user knows. The more complex this passcode is, the more secure the users’ accounts will be.


Password Generator
Coming up with long and complex passcodes can be a chore and a nightmare. But fear not! With Passwarden, it is possible to generate hard-to-crack passcodes that will guarantee the safety and security of all the stored data in vaults and accounts online.

Passwarden Logo

Passwarden is one of the best free Password Manager software and apps one can use. It is also one of the most secure. It is known for the best encryption protocols and its ease of use. It is also suitable for all kinds of users: newbies and professionals.


It is possible to use it on more than one device, and also store in vaults an unlimited number of passcodes and other private data such as debit and credit cards, driver licenses, private notes, and much more.


Based on many reviews done by many researchers online, Passwarden software does not have many downsides. The only con of this software is that it does not offer adequate plans for large corporations, companies, and firms. Not offering a subscription plan can be a problem for large businesses that wish to use one subscription that can help benefit the entire company.


However, large businesses still have the option of the Safe Sharing feature. This feature allows the users of Passwarden to share information through the app in all safety and security. It is possible to share passcodes and personal and private information with others without worrying about hackers and third parties.

Passwarden is the safest and the best software for all online users

Get the combination of all good password manager qualities with Passwarden.

other platforms

Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Autofill option
This feature offered by Bitwarden will allow users to use the browser extension and have their passcodes auto-filled directly on any website and any account. This will make the login process a lot easier.


Safe Data Sharing
Bitwarden also offers a secure sharing feature. When using this option, users can share data with someone else without using email or other communication tools. That will ensure that they are secure and away from cyber criminals.


Comprehensive compliance
Bitwarden uses GDPR, SOC 2, HIPAA, Privacy Shield, and CCPA standards. These standards conduct security audits regularly against third parties. The purpose of this is to ensure data safety online.

Bitwarden Logo

Bitwarden is a free Password Manager app and software for both individuals and businesses. It offers a subscription plan for businesses so that they are able to include all their employees and ensure the safety of the data of their company or firm. It also encrypts data and stores information with the help of security protocols. The AES-256 bit encryption used by Bitwarden will make sure all private information is stored safely in vaults.


Some cons of Bitwarden is that it can be glitchy at times. Some users have complained of not having a smooth experience when they used Bitwarden and that makes the free and secure software a bit harder to use. Another downside is that it is not the best option for tech-savvy people because the interface of Bitwarden is not very intuitive.


In general, Bitwarden is still an acceptable option. It is open-source that guarantees the safety of its users. Moreover, users can benefit from the option of running command-line scripts on their vaults and also self-host on their own servers.

Benefits for businesses
Dashlane has something to offer big businesses, corporations, and companies. Foremost, everyone can use Dashlane, which means all the employees in one firm will have access to the vaults and all the stored information in those vaults. This means that group work and cooperation between colleagues within the same establishment will be easier and faster, which leads to more productivity. Also, users will enjoy more security features such as two-factor authentication, customizable settings, and employee management.


Benefits for individuals
Individuals who wish to use Dashlane will benefit from security features. The best security features are the alerts they will receive whenever a breach or any other security issue occurs. Moreover, everyone will benefit from the two-factor authentication feature that will keep the Dashlane account, the vaults, and all the stored private data in it safe and secured.


Dashlane is a free Password Manager app to use. It offers safety and security features while being easy and simple to navigate. That means that it suits newbies and non-professionals. Moreover, it is really simple and fast to get it up and going. Dashlane offers security features and subscription plans for individuals, families, and businesses.


The main issue with Dashlane is that it limits the number of passcodes you can store in vaults. It is possible to store only 50 passcodes in said vaults. Furthermore, one Dashlane subscription works on one device only, so using Dashlane on more than one device such as a smartphone or laptop at the same time is not possible.


If the users can limit the number of passcodes they store in vaults, Dashlane is an option since it is a free and secure Password Manager software. This software is able to offer different features while staying simple, especially for people who are not in this field and want something easy and simple to use.

Emergency access
This feature offered by Keeper allows each user to add 5 emergency contacts. In case of an emergency or even death, those 5 emergency contacts will have access to all the vaults and the stored data in them.


This feature allows users to customize their vaults based on the information they want to store in them. They can divide them into categories, name them, and organize them in any way they want.


History saved 
With Keeper, old records will never disappear. This feature allows users to restore saved records in case they want to access them or use them again.


In terms of overall security, Keeper is a secure and free Password Manager app. It offers data encryption protocols to store the users’ information in secure digital vaults. It is also possible to benefit from secure messaging, which means that Keeper is a free Password Manager software and the app will encrypt all the users’ messages to keep them secure and away from third parties or anyone who might want to cause harm.


A downside of the Keeper free Password Manager app is slow customer support. Sometimes they take too long to reply. Also, some users have complained that it was buggy. That means that using it was a bit hard and not smooth.


Even so, no major complaints have been made, and using Keeper is a good thing one can do for security online. Some additional benefits are the zero-knowledge model,  which means that they will never be able to access the users’ information, not even their master password, dark web monitoring, and biometric recognition as a two-factor authenticator.

Biometric log in
Keepass offers a biometric log-in feature. This means that it is possible to log in using your fingerprint for example, and this comes as a two-factor authenticator for extra safety. 


Encryption protocols
To ensure that all the data and passcodes stored in the vaults are protected, KeePass uses the best encryption protocol: AES-256. This encryption protocol is the strongest when it comes to safety and security online.

KeePass Logo

KeePass is a free Password Manager software for tech-savvies. Therefore, it is important to know that it is not beginner or newbie friendly. KeePass is open-source and secure software. Since it is a bit advanced, it does not do all the work and stores the passcodes themselves in vaults, which means users are free to customize their vaults however they want. Users also benefit from an unlimited amount of devices and storage.


The con of KeePass is that it does not have an app, and that can be a problem for some. Another con is that it is a bit difficult for people who are not into informatics to understand and use it.

Travel mode
This travel mode is a feature offered by 1Password. It allows users to remove or hide some passwords and data before they cross the border. Everything that was removed can be restored once they are on the other side of the border. This is a great security feature for travelers.


This is also another feature offered by 1Password software. This feature was created to inform users when one of the websites they use online is compromised. This is a security feature that will ensure protection online.

1Password Logo

1Password is another free and secure password manager software and app that will make people’s lives easier by making sure that all their information is safely stored in vaults. Like other apps, 1Password has individual, family, and business plans. It is also available on all the major platforms online such as Chrome, Microsoft, Firefox, and so on.


One downside of 1Password software is the absence of a safe sharing option. It does not offer an option or a feature to share data, passwords, and private notes with others. It is also not possible to invite others into a shared vault or even a personal vault.


Even with the lack of this feature, 1Password software still provides all the other important features such as two-factor authentication, strong and complex passcode generator, AES-256 bit encryption, as well as biometric recognition.

Safety dashboard
Norton provides a security dashboard feature. Its main purpose is to pinpoint all weaknesses in the logins and inform the users in order for them to know that they should change their passwords.


Strong password generator
Norton secure Password Manager app also provides its users with a passcode generator. Since simple and easy passcodes are not good for safety. Strong complex passcodes are the best, but they are difficult to come up with. Norton will do the job for you and generate a strong, complex passcode to ensure your security.

Norton Logo

Norton free and secure Password Manager software is another secure and free and simple app that will provide its users with all the basic features that are offered by free Password managers. It is a simple and secure software and app. The setup process takes no time, and using it is beginner-friendly and suitable for everyone.


Some of Norton free Password Manager’s cons are that it lacks some important security features available on other modern free apps in 2023. Moreover, it does not have a secure sharing feature or unlimited imports. These problems are especially for desktop users, and this will complicate things for them since they will not be able to benefit from the security and protection needed to stay safe online.


Nevertheless, Norton is still a good, free, and secure password manager software overall. Users can benefit from unlimited storage, which means that they can store as many passwords as they want in vaults, two-factor authentication, and it is also possible to log in using Face ID or fingerprint.

Discover the safe password management.

Shop online safely
Enpass offers an online shopping experience that is always safe and secure. By storing payment details in one of the secure vaults of the software, users can automatically fill in their payment details in all security and protect themselves from cyberattacks.


Audit for passcodes
Every once in a while, it is important to check whether the passcodes are still strong enough. Thanks to the Passcode Audit feature provided by Enpass, it is possible to do so. Users of Enpass should benefit from this security feature to see which passcodes are still strong enough, and which ones must be changed and replaced.

Enpass Logo

Enpass password manager software is another secure and free app. Just like every other free software, it offers great safety protocols and security features. Furthermore, it does offer an offline storage feature so that users can store their passcodes in vaults without access to the internet, and also all sorts of subscription plans such as individual, family, and business plans.


Some cons of the Enpass free password manager app and software are that even though they offer a sharing option, it is not secure, and it will jeopardize your stored information. Moreover, the options and features are very limited for mobile users, unlike desktop users. And finally, the cross-device syncing option is not the best and can lead to many problems online since it is not seamless.


However, it is still a good option for safety online since it generally does its job well and is works for all kinds of users. Also, it is capable of syncing all the users’ passcodes without uploading them to the cloud, and that is a fascinating and efficient security feature that will add extra protection to all the accounts and stored information.

Visual reports
Users of Zoho Vault can get a visual report on all their transactions and activities on the password manager software and also export them as PDFs.


Single sign in
With Zoho Vault, users can log in to their apps without a passcode if the app is a cloud app. This will facilitate their everyday life and make it better by not wasting time on a long log in process.

ZohoVault Logo

We end this list with the Zoho Vault free password manager software. It can be downloaded on desktops and phones, or even used as a browser extension. It is also possible to store an unlimited amount of passcodes and data in vaults. Zoho Vault works best for individuals, teams, and even businesses that target a larger and bigger audience.


The only con of Zoho Vault is that it is geared toward professionals. It is not suitable for beginners and newbies since it is a bit more complicated to understand and work with. This limits a bit of its spectrum of users, since it is not meant for everyone to use, and it works best for professionals.


Other benefits that come with using Zoho Vault are that businesses can track the activities of each team member and what passcodes they have access to. Also, users can benefit from a secure and advanced dashboard that will tell all they need to know about whether their passcodes are good or need to be changed.


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Passwarden is a password manager software that is simple and easy to use

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