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What to Do if You Forgot Your KeepSolid ID Password

Want to log in to Passwarden but forgot your KeepSolid ID password? Being unable to log in to your password manager app may be really frustrating. There’s all your sensitive information like passwords, credit card details, email and social accounts, etc. 


If you forget your KeepSolid ID password and get locked out of Passwarden, no worries! Check out this page and learn how to get back into the app, what is KeepSolid ID password, and how to recover it.  


Note: Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

What Is KeepSolid ID Password

KeepSolid ID password is your key to all KeepSolid services. It provides access to:


  • User Office, which is your personal control center. There, you can manage your subscriptions to various KeepSolid services, configure two-factor authentication, edit your profile, and much more. 
  • Passwarden app. Logging in to the Passwarden app, you need to enter your KeepSolid ID password first, before providing your Master password. Afterward, to unlock the app, only your Master password will be required.  
  • Other KeepSolid products, including such solutions as KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, SmartDNS, Private Browser, DNS Firewall, Goals, etc. One KeepSolid ID lets you access them all. Make sure to check them out! 
  • Passwarden subscription options. There, you can prolong your subscription, download the app, and easily find any info you need.


And do not worry if you forget your KeepSolid ID. You can easily recover it with your email address. If you need assistance with this, you can always ask our customer support via [email protected]. We are ready to help you to recover your KeepSolid ID if you forget it.

Why do you need both KeepSolid ID and Master password

Wondering, why do you need both KeepSolid ID password and Master password to access the Passwarden app on your devices? Let’s break it down together! 

To use any service by KeepSolid, you need to create an account, called KeepSolid ID. With this single account, you can log in to different security and productivity solutions by KeepSolid on different devices. No need to create a separate account for each app by KeepSolid that you use.


Unlike other KeepSolid apps, Passwarden also requires a special password – Master password. This password protects all data you store in the Passwarden app on all devices, playing a crucial role in data encryption and decryption processes. Even Passwarden employees can’t access your Master password or any data in your Passwarden vaults. You can learn more about how your data is secure with Passwarden here.   


So, logging into Passwarden, you need to enter:

  1. The password of your account on all devices – KeepSolid ID password
  2. The password of your Passwarden app on all devices – Master Password

Protect your Vaults on all devices with KeepSolid ID

Recover your KeepSolid ID in two clicks if you forgot it! It is easy to log in to all your devices with our recovery service!

KeepSolid ID Password vs Master Password

  KeepSolid ID Password Master Password
Required to log into the app
Required each time you unlock the app
Provides access to other KeepSolid services
Needs a special recovery key for resetting

How to recover your KeepSolid ID password

  • Step 1. First, you need to request KeepSolid ID password recovery. You may do it via your Passwarden app by clicking Forgot password? on the login screen. Alternatively, you can click the Forgot password? button in your User Office or follow this link: 
  • Step 2. Enter your account email and click Send.
  • Step 3. Check your inbox for recovery email. 
  • Step 4. Click the Change Password button in the email, enter your new KeepSolid ID password, confirm it, and press Save

That’s it! Now you see, that it is pretty easy to recover your KeepSolid ID if you forgot it. Having recovered your login credentials you can easily access Passwarden on your devices again.

Note: If you also forgot your Master password, check out this page

Why Passwarden is the best choice to protect your sensitive data

Highest safety standards 

Passwarden implements a set of security features to protect your account, passwords, and other items, and guarantees that you can securely transfer and share them. Two-factor authentication protects your profile and credentials, and encryption protocols provide secure storage, transfer, and synchronization of your data. 

Duress mode

Duress mode allows you to protect Vaults with your most private information. You can create a Duress password and enter it instead of a Master Password to hide the most important details. Even if enforcement bodies or border control authorities require you to show the items in your vaults, Duress mode will show them only what you want them to see.

Unlimited number of devices

You can have only one account to manage your passwords on any number of devices. Use Passwarden on various platforms without any restrictions. Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and many popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera are supported. Whenever you need to access your passwords on any device, Passwarden is always ready to help!

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Recover your KeepSolid ID in two clicks. Easier than you think!

Just download the app, log in with your KeepSolid ID and Master password, and access your vaults anywhere!