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How to Avoid Troubles With Ubuntu Default Root Password

Ubuntu is a famous operating system for cloud computing, which supports OpenStack. It is a Linux spread that is based on Debian and made of open-source and free software. Here is a list of devices that use Ubuntu:


  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Google (LG) Nexus 4
  • Google (Samsung) Nexus 10
  • Google (Asus) Nexus 7


Ubuntu is an example of a commercial project which is based on the Linux Kernel. It aims to propose a software platform that can be free for developers and users. Ubuntu is maintained by a vast number of manufacturers such as  Asus, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer, HP. Ubuntu can be installed on Windows with Wubi, which is the Windows installer for Ubuntu Desktop. Wubi may function as an application installer and will install Ubuntu to a file on your Windows section.


Ubuntu comes with everything you may need to run: school, home, your organization, or enterprise. Most essential applications such as browsers, office suites, media apps, and email come pre-installed. With Ubuntu, lots of applications and games are available.

What Is Meant by Default Password?

A standard pre-configured passcode for a device is called a default password. Examples of default passwords: password, admin, guest, sysadmin. As a rule, default passwords are used for firewalls, access points, routers, and switches. They are present in remote terminal interfaces, industrial control systems, and embedded systems. 


They are meant to be used only for the initial setup of hardware. Not to risk your personal information, you have to change the default value to a new strong password. It can be done when you configure a device for the first time. In case of being unchanged, it will become a reason for a serious threat to your personal information.


What is default root password for Ubuntu?

Are you a regular Ubuntu user and want sudo privileges? For this you need to change to a root user (superuser) account. The first thing you’ll be looking for is Ubuntu default root password. Because by default, the root user account is disabled for security reasons. 

But the trick is that there is no Ubuntu root password set by default as well as on many other modern Linux distribution. Basically you don’t need one. Why? To run all administrative command, you’ll need to use the command prefixed with sudo. And when you’re asked to input a password, you need to create your own.

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How to Use Passwords to Secure Your Device?

Millions of users from time to time face one big issue. It is unauthorized access to their devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. As a result of such attacks, we lose valuable data like emails, documents, credit card details. Victims may have their money bank account information and identity stolen.


Very often, unauthorized users use someone else's computer to break the law. It can cause serious legal trouble. Hackers can easily do it by guessing your password. If you have a default, commonly used, or very simple one, it will assist intruders to gain control and access to your device. Follow the tips on how to avoid creating weak paroles.


  • Avoid consecutive keyboard combinations.
  • Do not use passcodes less than 8 characters long.
  • Do not use personal information.
  • Never write down your parole on paper or in smartphone.
  • Do not put it in a place where somebody can find it.
  • Always log off /sign out if you are going to leave your device.


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What pluses you can gain with Passwarden?

Creation of strong passwords. If you have problems with parole creation, Passwarden will help you. It will create the strongest one, according to the highest security standards. Give it a try right away


Password autofill feature. No need to type difficult paroles all the time. Passwarden will let you autofill your credentials that are saved in its storage.


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Two-factor authentication. You are provided with two different authentication factors to verify yourself. Now, when logging in, you will need to provide a code in addition to the Master password. It makes it harder for unauthorized users to access your accounts.

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Do you still have doubts about what password manager to choose?

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