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What Is Ricoh and Its Devices

Ricoh is a Japanese manufacturer of photography and electronics products. As a subsidiary of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research The Riken Concern established Riken Sensitized Paper on February 6th, 1936 as a commercial offshoot. Tokyo-based Ricoh has its headquarters in Ota, Tokyo.


As a manufacturer of electronic devices ranging from cameras to printers, photocopiers, and fax machines, Ricoh is also known for its cloud-based software solutions like DocumentMall and RicohDocs. The company also provides Projectors.


The firm became the world's biggest copier maker in the late 1990s and early 2000s. From Savin to Gestetner to Lanier to Rex-Rotary to Monroe to Nashuatec to IKON to IBM's Printing Systems Division to Infoprint Solutions, Ricoh has been busy. Many goods are still sold under Monroe and other brand names, even if they have been discontinued. In 2006, Ricoh paid $210 million for the European business of Danka. As a separate corporate unit, Infotec will carry on these activities.


When it comes to printers, digital duplicators, and multifunction printer/scanner/copier combinations, Ricoh is well-known for its outstanding quality. It's easy to get the right model and features for your workgroup, office, or classroom thanks to a wide range of options.


Default Passwords

"123," "admin," "root," "password," "*," "secret," or "access" are all examples of default passwords that are provided by a developer or manufacturer to a piece of software or hardware. Despite the fact that default passwords may assist safeguard certain users, a default password can typically be guessed by anybody who understands what they're doing.


As a result, you should always update your default password to a password that only you would know. It's nearly as bad as not having a password at all if you leave the default one enabled.

Ricoh Printers and Dangers of Using Default Passwords

Changing the default login credentials and restricting network access to crucial and key systems is essential. User names and passwords for devices that need to be logged in are normally given with a default user name and password for the device's initial configuration. If you need to restore the device to its factory settings, you'll need to enter the default username and password to do so.


It is common for manufacturers to provide all of their products with a basic default username and password like “admin” since they anticipate customers to modify these during initial setup and configuration. The default login credentials may be discovered in the user handbook or by doing a simple online search.


Some gadgets come pre-installed with a sticker that includes the device's default login credentials, which is a more secure method. Even if a password is generated by deriving it from a known technique, it is still easy for attackers to get hold of it.


You're putting yourself in danger if you don't change your devices' default login credentials. Among the many examples: In 2014, a website made 73,011 security cameras from 256 countries viewable online by hacking the cameras' default login credentials, which were then posted online. The router equipment was hacked using default login credentials in 2015 during a four-week spam campaign that went out to a number of companies.


Ricoh Printer Default Password 

What is the default Ricoh printer password? The default usernames and passwords for some Ricoh printers are shown below. These passwords are often required when attempting to access a newly acquired device, doing a factory reset after a failed bios update, or forgetting the login credentials you generated for your device.

Consider changing your Ricoh default admin password once you can.


Ricoh Printer model






Afficio  MP 2510



Afficio 1515



Afficio  AP3800C



AP410N - 1.13












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