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What Is Kali Linux and Its Security

Kali Linux is a Debian-derived Linux distribution. Funded and maintained by Offensive Security, its main purpose is digital forensics and penetration testing. Kali Linux helps organizations and enterprises to know more about their vulnerabilities on the internet. It also offers various benefits such as wireless device support, customization, a secure environment, 600+ testing tools, multi-language support, and much more.


Kali Linux, like many others, has default passwords. A Kali Linux default password is usually used to facilitate the first setup. The Kali Linux default passwords or credentials vary depending on the image. It might be “Kali”, “vagrant”, “beef”, “admin”, “root”, and many more. Noteworthy is the fact that Kali Linux default password must be changed after the first setup in order to ensure your safety and protection from threats.

Kali Linux and Default Password

Default passwords, also known as pre-configured passwords, are usually used for firewalls, switches, routers, etc… Their main purpose is to grant access to users on a new device for the initial setup. Those passwords are, most of the time, relatively easy so that the new user guesses them easily. The passwords can be found either on the instruction manual or on the device itself in the form of a sticker on the back for example. Some examples of a default password are password, admin, or guest.

It is important to note that those passwords are meant to be changed in the configuration step. In fact, they represent a serious risk if they are still used as the main password after the setup. By not changing the password, the user or the organization is exposing themselves and their data to serious risks. Hacking into devices that use a default password is extremely easy since they are easy to crack. Therefore, people must always make sure to change their default passwords before using a new device.

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