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How to Create a Strong Password

Passwarden is here to remember all your passwords and keep them safe from the sticky fingers of hackers and cybercriminals. But let’s be honest, it doesn't make sense to use a password manager while your passwords aren't strong enough and could be compromised within half an hour.

So in this piece, we answer the following questions:

  • How to create a strong password? 
  • What is the optimal password length?
  • What is a special character for passwords?
  • Should your secure passwords include both uppercase and lowercase letters?

Let’s answer all your whats and whys!

Note: Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense® security bundle.

Tips to Create a Strong Password

We would like to offer some tips to create a strong password. The rules are pretty simple but important. Check them out!


Avoid using personal information or common words


Personal information should stay a personal one. Be sure cybercriminals will firstly try your name and birth date when attempting to crack your password. We highly recommend you to avoid using birthdays, names, or surnames of your family, friends, or pets.

Also, it’s better not to use dictionary words. Try to use a random set of characters. It’s better to use a random 8 character password than a 16 character dictionary word. 

Not sure about your password’s strength? Get started with Passwarden and generate strong passwords in a minute!

Create long combinations of characters


Cybercriminals use multiple methods for cracking passwords. The simplest and widely-used way is a brute-force attack. It is a cryptographic hack that relies on submitting all possible password combinations until the correct one is discovered. Thus, it’s obvious that the longer your password is, the more combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols there are to check and the more time this process takes.

More information about brute force cracking and optimal password length, you can find in the article How long it takes to crack a password.

Use UPPERCASE, number5, and $ymbol$


As mentioned before, passwords that include special symbols, numbers, and uppercase letters are stronger than lowercase passwords.

If you are not sure you can create a strong password by yourself, generate it using Passwarden. Our app allows you to specify combination length, availability of symbols, numbers, and uppercase letters. Check out this instruction and learn how to generate a strong password with no hassle.

Create and set unique combinations of characters


One of the issues about creating a secure password is having to memorize all of them. Of course, it’s easy to set and remember one strong combination of characters and use it for all accounts. But it is not a good idea at all. If your password is compromised, the attacker is likely to check if you use the same combination on other services. 

We strongly recommend you to generate and set unique passwords. Check out our comprehensive guide on how to remember dozens of strong passwords and keep hackers out of your data.

Start using a reliable password manager


How many accounts do you have? Several banking accounts, email, social media profiles, accounts for streaming and gaming services, this list is endless, as well as the list of your complex combinations of characters. Remembering all these passwords is quite a challenging and perhaps possible task.

But you won’t worry! Our safe solution is at your disposal. Get started with Passwarden, and it remembers all your secure passwords and keeps them safe from any prying eyes. Just generate a secure combination of characters and keep it in secure Vaults.

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How secure is Passwarden

Passwarden is top-notch storage for all your passwords and other sensitive information. Our secure app implements bulletproof AES-256 and ЕС р-384 protocols and client-side encryption. It means that your information is only visible to you and from your profile. Even if any unauthorized parties intercept your data, they won’t manage to decipher it. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the integrity of your secure passwords and personal info.

Also, Passwarden uses 2 types of passwords to protect access to your data:

  • KeepSolid ID password is your KeepSolid account password. Our web server protection implements strong verification to protect your account and network from being hacked. If any unauthorized parties try to brute-force this password, we will block your account after 5 invalid attempts to sign in to your Passwarden account.

  • Master Password is your Passwarden account password. It plays a crucial role in data encryption and decryption processes. If someone gets access to your device and tries to decipher your data, this strong combination safeguards your privacy and personal information. Even Passwarden employees can’t see your Master password and all the data you store in your Passwarden account.

For more information about the Passwarden security, see the Security page.

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