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What is Aruba and Its Security

This article guides you on what password you can use as default to get started with your Aruba device. Make sure you read to the end to learn about our perfect solution that assists you in managing all your passwords centrally, including that of your Aruba switch.


Formerly known as Aruba Wireless Networks, Aruba Networks is an American company that produces and markets computer networking devices and solutions such as wireless access points, switches, gateways, and controllers. Routers made by Aruba Networks are widely used, and users may have difficulty launching them for the first time as they require a default login upon initial setup.

What is Default Password

The default password of a device is a piece of alphanumerical text that the developer assigns for the user to complete the first setup of that product. Common default passwords include “password”, “guest”, or the developer’s brand name. Companies generally set a single default passcode for the same model or batch of products. This is also true for some web services, where users need to use a default login and password when they try to sign in to the service for the first time. Default login credentials may also be found on the companies’ websites or in their user manuals. Also, many websites publish long lists of default usernames and passwords, which are organized by brand, product, or model. What all this boils down to is; a single piece of text is used for numerous devices and services. This can pose a huge security threat to your device, as well as your cyber identity.

If you don’t change your default password and use the same piece of text permanently, you unwittingly put your device and personal data at risk of breach. Default passwords are used as obvious attack vectors by hackers to access your device and private information. And, more importantly, if your device is part of a corporate network, the risk proliferates and subjects the whole company to this cyber threat 

A default password is nothing more than a placeholder. It should be treated as a disposable piece of text, only to be overridden by a custom password. Some companies require users to change the default passwords in a way that they cannot possibly proceed if they don’t make the change. Regardless, the easiest and most risk-free method to go about this issue is using a reliable password manager.


Aruba Switch Default Password

When you use the IP address of your Aruba switch model, for instance WAP-50, you are prompted to enter a default username and password. Enter “admin” in both fields and press Enter to see the control panel of your Aruba Networks switch. Now it is advisable to immediately navigate to Settings and change your default password to a strong one.

If you’re locked out of your Aruba switch because you can’t remember your password, you can always reset your device. This can be done by pressing the reset button in your switch. If you hold it pressed for roughly 20 seconds, your router will get restored to factory settings. Also note that resetting your Aruba device will disconnect you from the internet.

Always create a strong password for your Aruba switch. But strong passwords have an ironic and obvious drawback;  they are hard to remember! If you understandably have a weak memory, you should use a password manager that creates, encrypts, and stores your passwords as well as other sensitive data.

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