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How to Change MacBook Password

Do you want to change your MacBook password, whether for security reasons or just because you can’t seem to remember it? Not a problem! Our lives have intermingled with computers already. Everybody will, at some point, face issues with their passwords. Who would have thought they would coin the phrase “Password Fatigue”? 


In this concise guide, we will explain how to change your Mac password, whether on MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. First, we’ll guide you through the Apple menu to make changes to your credentials. Next, we will present the ultimate solution to your online identity chaos by introducing our password manager, namely Passwarden.

How to Modify Login Password On MacBook Air/MacBook Pro


If you recall your password, you can log in to your account and reset it following a few steps:

1. Log into your MacBook Pro/MacBook Air.

2. If it is not pinned to your menu bar, open the Apple menu (Apple logo) and click System Preferences.

3. Click on Users & Groups.

Usrs and Groups

4. Select your user account on the left side of the window and click the padlock icon in the bottom left corner to apply changes.

Password Login Items

5. Click on Change Password.

6. First, enter your current password. Then, enter your new one and confirm by re-entering it. Remember always to add a not-too-obvious hint to help remember your passcode. Click on Change Password to end the process.

Old password New password

How to change MacBook password in Passwarden


Always remember first to change your MacBook Air / MacBook Pro passwords through Apple settings. Afterward, follow these steps:

  1. Launch your Passwarden and Log in.
  2. Find MacBook.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Update your MacBook credentials and click Save to apply changes.

Are you looking for the best solution to your cyber-identity chaos? An application that lets you efficiently manage all your credentials is indispensable in the Information Age. Meet Passwarden! Passwarden is a security solution that will keep your passwords and sensitive data under one roof. You access them all at once and manage or change whichever you need to on any of your devices. And it doesn’t end there; the following is the list of benefits of our password manager.


Reasons to Use Passwarden

Duress mode

The Duress mode empowers you to overcome any duress to provide information against your will. Logging in with a preset passcode to your Passwarden will only show a chunk of your data that you’ve arranged beforehand! This will conceal the pieces of data you consider top secret. Would-be criminals will not intimidate you, and even if they do, all they get is login credentials to services you don’t care about. Withhold information from friends and foes using Passwarden.

Secure password-sharing

Do you carelessly send your login credentials and personal information via messengers? Break this dangerous habit now! With our solution, you can create a shared vault to which you can effortlessly invite trusted entities. The information you intend to share no longer gets intercepted by cybercriminals because you leave none for them.

Best-in-industry Encryption

Our security solution applies state-of-the-art encryption as a cybersecurity platinum standard. It will jog your private data, making them unreadable to unwelcome parties. If your data ever get intercepted by would-be hackers, they won’t be able to decipher your data. Also, note that we don’t possess keys to decrypt your Passwarden data while syncing with servers.

Are you password fatigued?

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Features of Passwarden

Two-Factor Authentication

This safety feature has been quite popular and adopted by most online platforms to provide maximum security to their users. Amidst the login process, the user is prompted to confirm the operation on another point of contact of their choice. 2FA assures you that no one but you can access your safe vault.

Robust Password Generator

Simple passwords are no longer acceptable on services that require you to create an account. Additionally, if you use the same passcode for several accounts, you’re playing with cyber-fire! Passwarden generates robust passwords using all the allowed characters. You can define the length of the passcode and save it in a solid vault.

Cross-device Syncing

Passwarden allows you to find your secure vaults on all of your devices. You can create passwords and enter data, change/edit them, and get updated wherever you need them.

Autofill Option

The Autofill feature will accelerate your login process by filling out the relevant fields in your web browser. Note that this is only feasible if you’ve already saved your login credentials on Passwarden storage. If you don't want your credentials to show up without permission, deactivate this option through Settings. 

Multi-platform software

Passwarden is available for download on major operating systems, namely iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and as a web app for Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox.

Should you have any questions concerning Passwarden or KeepSolid’s security bundle, please write to our friendly support team at [email protected]. We will get back to you ASAP!

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