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What is NZBGet And Its Security

As we were doing research on understanding what NZBGet is, we realized how risky it is for anyone to use its default password. In this article, we explain the dangers of using unsecured passwords, and how by using a single security tool you can create secure complex passwords and safely store them. 


NZBGet is Usenet, which is a safe and secure network where people exchange posts. This is done through the sharing and downloading of files that are posted on an unrestricted worldwide forum for information exchange. It allows you to exchange files on the internet without being tracked by your internet service provider (ISP), which makes it safer than most torrent sites. NZBGet is designed with performance in mind to achieve maximum download speed while using minimum system resources. 


Upon installing NZBGet, you will realize that you are given default credentials for username and password. This is standard with every person who uses NZBGet and that means your security and privacy cannot be guaranteed. It is therefore imperative that you set a new username and password that isn’t generic and used by many.

Default Passwords

Cybercriminals usually do not rely on complicated methods to compromise the majority of systems. A known modus operandi amongst hackers in system security break-ins is the default password provided by manufacturers/developers. Default passwords are user IDs and passwords pairs that are preinstalled into the operating system, database, or software.

Built-in passwords that the manufacturer or developer has embedded into the system can easily compromise any system, and therefore need to be managed and maintained effectively to deter the dangers that they may be vulnerable to. Some of the dangers that these built-in passwords present are: they are often not made secret, they are made available on the Internet, and in the manufacturer’s manual book(s). This easy to fix, but difficult to maintain, vulnerability is a serious problem on all platforms, from personal computers to large mainframes.

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other platforms

Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

How to Create Complex Passwords

Creating good passwords means coming up with a complex and difficult-to-crack combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. This combination can be difficult to remember because of its complexity, it would be especially difficult to memorize such passwords for each of your many accounts such as your email(s), banking app(s), social media accounts, streaming services, and so on. That shouldn’t need to be a concern, there’s an easy-to-use security tool you can rely on – a trusted password manager like Passwarden. It helps to generate strong passwords and keeps a memory of all your login details and data safe for you.


A weak password increases the likelihood of your digital identity being accessed by hackers and cybercriminals. A strong password can be compromised if it’s being reused, each account should have its unique password to ensure that in the event a particular account gets compromised, the risk doesn’t spread across all your online services.

5 Ways to secure your passwords using a Passwarden


  1. Passwords can be compromised even if they are made to be complex. Avoid reusing the same password for all your accounts. This way, the risk won’t spread to the rest of your accounts in the event that one account is compromised.
    Passwarden password manager will securely store login details belonging to your multiple accounts and can retrieve them on demand.
  2. Relying on default passwords makes it easy for hackers and cybercriminals to crack your login credentials, which are often made available in manual books. Hackers nowadays use password-cracking tools. These tools are good at briskly figuring out passwords.
    Passwarden has a password generator that can be used to create secure passwords that are unique and complex.
  3. One of the biggest security risks is sharing passwords using an unsecured network, with no encryption.
    Using Passwarden you can create an unlimited number of Vaults, including shared vaults. Shared Vaults allow you to make available any information and passwords to anyone whom you have invited to share access.
  4. Hackers use malware to spy on their victims to maliciously obtain their login credentials. You need to make use of antivirus software that combats against malware and other virus attacks.
  5. Organizations are slow to take control over user accounts belonging to employees who are no longer part of the organization. Some ex-employees might still have access to information they should no longer be privy to.

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