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What Is Engenius and Its Security

Engenius wireless is a wireless technology company. It is a portfolio of networking solutions that work indoors and outdoor. It also produces wireless products, electronic products for telephony, and gigabit switches. In sum, its main field is the computer industry, networking, and WiFi.


Like many other electronic devices, Engenius wireless routers, devices, and products have a default passcode. Engenius wireless default password is a passcode that will facilitate the setup process and give the new user easy access to his new device. It must be noted that the Engenius wireless default password must be changed and cannot be used as a main passcode. The reason for this is that they are extremely easy and easy to crack. That means that your data will not be safe.

What Are Default Passwords


What are default passwords?

Default passwords, also known as default credentials, are used by companies on their devices such as routers, firewalls, or other electronic devices. They represent a very simple and easy combination of words and characters. They are made this way to give easy access to the new user. Their main purpose is to facilitate the setup process, which can be very complicated at times. The default password can be found either on the box or on the device itself. The password might be a word like “password, admin, or guest”.


Are default passwords safe?

It is important to know that the default password does not replace a strong and reliable password. After the setup process, the default password must be changed. Not changing the default password can cause many problems since you will be exposed to various risks. The simplicity of its combination leaves you exposed to hackers and other risks on the internet. To keep your data, your personal and private information, and your new device safe, you must change the default password and opt for a stronger one.

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Passwords and Security

Passwords are used for every device and account to ensure your safety. They will only give you access to your accounts and data while blocking out unauthorized users. However, not every passcode can keep you safe. In fact, simple and easy passwords such as repetitive combinations or passwords such as “qwerty or password” cannot ensure your protection. For that reason, it is always a better option to use strong passcodes. A strong passcode contains complex combinations such as numbers, characters, lowercase and uppercase letters.

Ensuring the safety of your passcodes is also crucial. For that, you can always use a password manager application such as Passwarden. Passwarden is a great password manager that can generate strong passwords and also store them in vaults. It also offers strong security features such as Duress mode, two-factor authentication, data encryption, and Security dashboard. With these features offered by Passwarden, you will not have to worry about your safety and security.

How to Store Passwords on Passwarden

Using Passwarden is not complicated at all. To help you get started with Passwarden, here is a detailed guide on how to store your passcodes in one of the vaults of Passwarden.


  1. Log into your account with your Master Password.
  2. Create a new vault, or use an existing one.
  3. Use the Migration feature to import your passcodes into the vault or simply add them manually.
  4. If you have data in common with friends, family members, or colleagues in your company, you can create a shared vault and store your data in it.

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