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How to Change TemplateMonster Password

One of the best ways to avert the risk of having your account compromised is to ensure that you change your password regularly. If you have used this password more than once or is easy to guess, or perhaps it's associated with a known person's or pet’s name, then you need to change it immediately! 


Let us guide you on how to change your TemplateMonster password and show you how you can generate strong passwords and securely store them using one single tool.


What is TemplateMonster?

As the name suggests, TemplateMonster is a digital marketplace where you can get high-quality customizable templates and other digital products designed by professional graphic designers with ease. Each product comes with a lifetime license and new products are released weekly.


The best way to get the most from TemplateMonster is to consider taking up their MonsterONE subscription service, to enjoy unlimited downloads of all digital products available on their website.

Follow These Instructions to Change TemplateMonster Password

Please note the following: You are only required to use Latin characters. Your password can’t be made of blank spaces and/or special characters.


Follow the steps listed below:

1. Sign in to the Magento admin panel.

2. Go to System > My account tab.

3. Type your new password there.

4. Click the Save Account button, after typing your new password.


If you are unable to sign in to your Magento admin panel, follow the steps below to change the admin password directly in the database.

1. Open your database with the phpMyAdmin tool or any other database management tool:

2. Find and open the user table:

3. Click Edit icon:

4. Please note to select MD5 in the drop-down menu:

5. Type in your new password and click the Go button.

6. Your password has been successfully changed.

Now that you have managed to change your password, it is worth considering having measures in place to keep your password well managed and safely kept. A password manager is effective in having that taken care of, however, it is crucial that you choose one that does it best.

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other platforms

Passwarden is also part of MonoDefense security bundle.

Why Choose Passwarden

Keepsolid‘s Passwarden service is intended to provide users with superior security standards, employing military grade encryption protocols for the safekeeping of user data. Trusting security experts to take care of the security of your passwords is a smart decision which you will have no regrets about. 

  • You will experience quicker logins using its safe autofill feature 
  • Using the Master Password to log in to TemplateMonster will ensure that precise credentials are entered. 
  • With a few clicks, you will easily import passwords from browsers and other apps like TemplateMonster into Passwarden.
  • You can change your TemplateMonster password without revealing it to hackers.

How Different Is Passwarden From Other Password Managers?

Password Autofill 

One of the rewards that come with using Passwarden is knowing that you can fully trust it with your login credentials. An autofill feature helps you save yourself valuable time and significantly reduces the effort required to manually type in your username and password at each login. You can confidently leave it to Passwarden to precisely remember and fill in on your behalf.

Master Password

What is the point of having a password manager if you will still need to memorize your own passwords? With Passwarden the only password to remember is your Master Password. Passwarden understands that you shouldn’t be the one to recall passwords but instead, you should summon it to do all that work. 

A Master password is only known by you, not even Passwarden employees can access it. All your data is securely sealed behind it and required to log in to your Passwarden profile.

Data Import

You might think that saving all your passwords in your password manager will be a time-consuming exercise, but here again, Passwarden has this process simplified for you. Using its data migration you will be able to effectively have all your login info belonging to all your accounts imported into Passwarden’s Vault in no time. 

Import into Passwarden all your passwords, bookmarks, and other saved information from Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Firefox.

Strong Password Generator

It goes without saying how important it is to make use of strong passwords. Strong passwords are not just random passwords like your pet’s name or the name of your high school, they are instead carefully thought out phrases that can’t be easily guessed or figured out. 

Passwarden’s password generator tool helps you create random complex passwords that are extremely difficult to crack. This comes in handy for times when you wish to change your passwords, you don’t have to even make any suggestions as to what the password could be, it’s all automatically done for you in just seconds.

Storage Vaults

Apart from just your passwords, you can protect and securely store other data, including personal documents, login details, credit card info, Wi-Fi passwords, and various other valuable information. Passwarden’s secure document storage is protected using AES-256 encryption, providing you with the highest security level possible.

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