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How to Change Souq Password

Founded in 2005, used to be the most popular e-commerce website in Arabia until it was sold to in 2017. Souq is a word often used to describe a street market or a bazaar where people can buy and sell goods. The intention with was to create such a market, but online. 

Being the first business of this nature in the Middle East, Souq was extremely successful and helped many local businesses to grow and expand. When Amazon decided to start trading in this region, it was a smart decision to buy over Souq instead of launching separately. The integration of these two businesses has been successful. now operates as part of Amazon and can be accessed through

Follow These Instructions to Change Souq Password


On Amazon’s Website

1. Log into your Amazon account in your browser.

2. Select Accounts & Lists at the top right of the screen.

3. Click on Login & Security.

4. You will be prompted to enter your current password.

5. On the Login & Security page, select Edit next to the password field.

6. Enter your old password, and then enter your new password twice.

7. Select Save changes.


On the Mobile App

1. In the Amazon app, select the user profile icon.

2. Select Your Account.

3. Under Account Settings click on Login & Security.

4. On the Login & Security page, select “Edit” next to the password field.

5. Enter your old password, and then enter your new password twice.

6. Select Save changes.

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