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How to Change OpenTable Password

OpenTable is an online restaurant reservation service that allows you to make real-life reservations at a restaurant or a diner. At first, it only covered the United States but now, it is available in more than 80 countries and covers more than 50,000 restaurants and diners. The service handles reservation management, table management, guest recognition, and email marketing.

With all the information and data about the users on the app, it is crucial to keep your account safe from hackers and third parties to ensure their protection. To do so, it is recommended to regularly change the application’s password and make sure it is strong and unique. In the following, we will discuss how to change the OpenTable password and how to stay safe on the internet.

To Change OpenTable Password Follow These Simple Steps

Changing your OpenTable password regularly is recommended in order to keep your data and personal information safe from hackers and third parties. Here is a guide on how to change or reset your OpenTable password:

1. Log into your OpenTable account from the website or the application.

2. Go to the top-right corner and tap on the Profile Icon.

3. Select the My Profile field.

4. Tap on Account Details on the left side.

5. Go to the Change Password section.

6. Enter the new password and confirm it.

7. Click on Save Changes at the bottom.


How to Reset OpenTable Password


1. Open your OpenTable app or go to

2. Go to the Sign In field.

3. Click on Forgot Password.

4. Enter your email address and click on Reset Password.

5. You will receive a password reset in your inbox.


You should know that the link you will receive is only valid for 30 minutes. You will have to follow the same steps again.

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other platforms

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Start using Passwarden

By using OpenTable to reserve a table at any restaurant or diner (you wish to go to have a meal), you are providing personal information about yourself and details about your reservation.  Using a strong password to protect your OpenTable is a reliable method to make sure that all your data and personal information are kept safe. But, it would be good to know that there are more reliable ways to protect yourself and your account.

Using Passwarden, a reliable password manager, is a smart method to protect not only your account but your password as well. By using Passwarden, you will be able to store your passwords in the secure vaults of your Passwarden account. Storing your passwords means that no hacker or third party will be able to crack them or hack them, which makes it clear that they are safe and protected.

You might be asking yourself how secure Passwarden is. We will be answering your question by letting you know that Passwarden has various security features that will ensure that all your private information is safe from hackers and unauthorized users. Some of those security features are Duress Mode, 2FA, a master password, data encryption, security dashboard, safe sharing, and many more. Those features will make sure that your passwords and accounts are safe.

Why You Should Use Passwarden

Passwarden has many benefits that will guarantee your safety and will make it easier for you to use this password manager application. Here are some of the benefits that you should know about:


Duress mode

Duress mode will allow you to hide your most secret and private data. First of all, you will have to create a Duress password and choose which vault or information can be seen when Duress Mode is activated. By logging in using your duress password, the private and personal information will stay hidden in the vaults. This will ensure the safety of your most private data.

Safe data sharing

Sharing private information and credentials is very common. However, it is not safe to share them by SMS or email. With the safe sharing feature provided by Passwarden, you will not have to worry about sharing private information. Passwarden uses Bullet Proof encryption mode and has the option of creating shared vaults with other people. As a result, sharing your data with others will be safer.

Generate strong passwords

Passwarden does a lot more than just store your passwords. In fact, it can also generate strong and unique passwords by using a complex combination of characters, letters, numbers, and symbols. This password will be uncrackable and will completely protect your accounts by making them inaccessible to all unauthorized users.

Use it offline

If you ever find yourself in a situation in which you will need to access your credentials or any other personal information and have no access to the internet, do not worry! Passwarden has got you. With the offline feature, you can benefit from the provided without any internet connection.

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