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How to Change Fiverr Password

Fiverr is a freelance online platform primarily aimed at young people, through which buyers may establish contacts with freelancers to buy digital (virtual) services. It’s named after the starting price ($5) of each service (or “gig” that’s the name they call it).


Originally, the price per gig was 5 US dollars, hence the name “Fiverr”. Later the company removed the price limit in 2014. As the market continues to grow, the quality and quantity of the gig has increased dramatically. Nowadays, you can find almost all kinds of digital services there.


The original intention of building Fiverr was two-way:

  • For small and medium enterprises, simplify the recruitment process and costs for Freelancers. 
  • For freelancers, simplify the costs of finding work for freelancers.

All these led to a direct connection between the two sides, and the platform was born.

To Change Fiverr Password Follow These Simple Steps

Whether you are new to Fiverr, or you are a regular user and already established some of your business on that platform, before rushing in to register, you may want to know how to change Fiverr password and to save all your valuable credentials in a safe place. Here is a quick guide on how to change Fiverr password:


1. First you can go to your Profile image and select Settings.

2. In the settings list, you’ll find Security.

3. After pressing the Security button, you can now select Change password, here you may create any password that is unique and safe.

4. When you finish creating a solid password, just press Save Changes, this will replace your old Fiverr password with your newly created one. Thus, change your Fiverr password.

In the case if you have forgotten your password, what you could do is:

1. Go to Fiverr home page and click Sign In, then Forgot Password.

2. Here you may enter your login Email address, as long as this email matches the account, you will receive an instruction email that contains the link for you to change your password.

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