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KeepSolid ID and Master Password Importance in Passwarden

One of the major causes for people to start using password managers is to get rid of remembering thousands of passwords. You only need to know one thing - your password manager passcode, and the password manager app will do the rest. That sounds great!


However, the KeepSolid team believes that users' privacy is more important than anything else. That’s why we add an extra layer of security by using two complex passwords to unlock our password manager: KeepSolid ID passcode and Master Password.


Now let’s take a closer look at how exactly these two passwords protect your data integrity and check out if it's worth remembering one more password.

KeepSolid ID Password

Just so we are on the same page, KeepSolid ID is a single account for all our security and productivity solutions. To get started with Passwarden or any other KeepSolid services, you need to create a KeepSolid ID, if you haven’t it yet.


Such a decision is convenient for several reasons. Firstly, you haven’t to remember numerous passwords if you use several KeepSolid apps. Secondly, we provide our customers with the KeepSolid User Office - a personal control center where you can easily manage all your subscriptions.

Master Password

Master Password is a special password from your Passwarden profile. This password reliably protects all your Passwarden data and takes a part in the encryption and decryption processes.


At the time you set up your Master Password, our secure password manager generates random encryption keys on your device and encrypts them using your Master Password. From now on, all Passwarden data will be scrambled using these encryption keys. As Master Password plays a crucial role in data encryption, it goes without saying that the KeepSolid developer’s team has no access to it.

KeepSolid ID vs Master Password

  KeepSolid ID Password Master Password
Must be at least 8 characters long and include uppercase, numbers, and symbols
Required to login to the Passwarden app
Required each time you unlock Passwarden
Provides access to other KeepSolid apps and services

Takes a part in data encryption processes

Protect your Vaults on all devices with KeepSolid ID and Master Password

Recover your KeepSolid ID in two clicks if you forgot it! It is easy to log in to all your devices with our recovery service!

other platforms

Note: Passwarden is also available as a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

It’s hard to remember two passwords

Unfortunately, that’s true. Two passwords to remember - double chance to forget one of them.


But you won’t worry, in case you forget your KeepSolid ID or Master password, here are some step-by-step instructions on how to reset them and get your access back to your Passwarden profile with no hassle. Recovery Key will save you much time and nerves.

How to recover your KeepSolid ID password

Since you shouldn’t enter your KeepSolid ID password each time you unlock Passwarden, you can forget it over time. To reset your KeepSolid ID password with ease, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Forgot password? in your User Office or while log in to the Passwarden application.
  2. Enter your account email address and click Send.
  3. Check your inbox and click the Change Password button in the recovery email. 
  4. Set up your new KeepSolid ID password, confirm it, and click Save.

Why we can't reset your Master Password

KeepSolid team implements the top-notch encryption technologies in Passwarden. End-to-end encryption guarantees that data encryption and decryption are realized on the user’s device but not on our servers. Your sensitive information is unavailable for third parties while it is transferred from your device to our cloud servers. We don’t have access to your items, Vaults, or Master Password as well.

If you have questions about security in our app you can check out our Security page or ask our customer support via [email protected]

But resetting your Master Password is possible only with Recovery Key, so it is better to keep it secure. Read more to figure out how to recover your Master Password with this tool.

How to recover your Master Password

As it was mentioned before, KeepSolid employees have no access to your Master Password. Thus, we have no ways to recover it. This option is available for you only.


Once you set up your Master Password, Passarden automatically generates a personal emergency key named Recovery Key. You can save this key as a .txt file or as an image. Anyway, we strongly recommend you to keep this super-secret key somewhere safe. Otherwise, there’s no other way to regain access to your Passwarden profile. 


Here are 3 comprehensive steps you should follow to recover your Master Password:

  1. Open Passwarden and click Sign in with recovery key
  2. Enter your Recovery Key.
  3. Set up and confirm your new Master Password.

The bottom line on using both KeepSolid ID and Master Password

We appreciate that you trust us with your sensitive information, and we intend to always keep that trust.


To guarantee the highest possible level of data safety, we implement only state-of-art encryption algorithms and bulletproof security protocols. As well, we put to use two different passwords in place to prevent your data from being leaked out or stolen.


Thus, you won’t worry about anything - our secure password manager keeps all your valuable information like passwords, account credentials, credit card details, and any other data you store in Passwarden safe and private.


Don’t forget to keep your Master Password and Recovery Key in a secure place. This will guarantee the integrity of your sensitive data.

Try out our secure password manager right away

Ensure that your valuable data is safe with Passwarden. Keep your Master Password and Recovery Key secure from the sticky fingers of hackers and other cyber malefactors.