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Why You Should Worry About Your Instagram Account?

Do you have any idea about the last Instagram breach? Well, the most recent Instagram data breach occurred in January 2021 when a database of account information at the business SocialArks was exposed as a result of a database that was incorrectly configured. This data was gathered by SocialArks by scraping user profiles on Instagram and other social media platforms.

When using a computer, tablet, or mobile device, a strong password is essential to protect your personal information. You use a variety of internet services for both personal and professional purposes, including banking, email, social media, and shopping portals. Different password rules are needed for many of these services. 


While some websites demand capital letters or at least one number in the password, others could demand a specific length or a password made up of both letters and digits. Instagram is no special, it requires its users to use a combination of at least six numbers, letters and punctuation marks (like ! and &).

In this post, we’ll cover a good Instagram password idea, so you can create strong passwords for your Instagram account effectively. 


How to Create A Strong Unique Password For Instagram

Strong passwords help to prevent malicious people from accessing your information. A good password is hard for other people to have an idea about, but easy for you to remember. Variations on words like password or secret, dictionary words, and patterns on the keyboard like QWERTY or 12345, generally are not good password ideas because they're too easy to guess. 


Using a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols makes your password harder to guess. Try starting with a random word or phrase like "I have no idea" and inserting symbols, letters, and numbers to make your password more secure, for example, “! H@vE n0 1dEa”, you’ll use this password without empty spaces of course. Be sure to use unique passwords for your different accounts, like your email and online bank account, and remember to keep your password a secret, too. 


Sharing it is not a great idea. As you can see, it’s a bit challenging and not practical to sit down and create a strong unique password and memorize it. If you've ever had to remember a really long and complicated one, you know it can be difficult to keep track of them all. The wrong strategy can lead to vulnerabilities and serious consequences. The average person has over 15 passwords, it’s an unrealistic idea to try to manage them all.

A password generator in this case would do the hard job for you. It creates random or user-defined passwords for you, and assists users in coming up with stronger passwords that offer better security for a particular type of access.

How Does the Password Generator Work?

The idea behind a password generator is relatively simple. It uses a random number generator to create combinations of letters, numbers, and other characters. Generally, the strength of the password generated depends on how many different character types are used. The best way to organize them is using a password manager. 

We developed Passwarden as a secure way out, which allows users to manage their passwords in an encrypted way. So let's look closer at what makes Passwarden a great choice to protect your Instagram account.


Why Choose Passwarden?

One of the most effective password managers is Passwarden. Using a system of customizable vaults, this secure solution makes it simple to keep track of your passwords. Users may share vaults, which makes it an excellent option for teams and corporations in addition to individuals.

Passwarden is easy to use, download it now and make your life easy!

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