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How to Reset Your iPad When You Forgot Your Password

The iPad is without doubt one of the most popular tablets in the market. It’s simple to use and can work together with many great apps. All these features have made it a good partner for our work and life. However, the biggest problem in using an iPad might be when you forgot your iPad password. This happens a lot nowadays since many of us tend to use simple passwords that are easy to be hacked, or we go to the other extreme by being too creative on our password then completely forgetting it. Either way is a big trouble, so what to do if you forgot your iPad password?

Steps to Reset Your iPad When You Forgot Your iPad Password

In the case that you forgot your iPad password, or you have tried so many times to unlock your iPad with wrong passcodes until the iPad is disabled and does not allow any more unlocking attempts, you will have to reset your iPad to be able to continue using it, this can be done through iTunes. To do that, you may follow steps below:


  1. Start iTunes on your computer, using a USB cable to connect your iPad to the computer.
  2. Here your iPad will be auto-detected by iTunes, now you have to force your iPad into recovery mode. There are 2 ways to do that, depending on the iPad version you have.
    – If you have an iPad with Face ID, you may press the Volume Up button, the Volume Down button, then press the Power button until the recovery mode screen appears on your iPad.
    – If you have an iPad with a Home button, you may press and hold both the Home and the Power buttons at the same time, until the recovery-mode screen appears.
  3. Now you'll see a notice that says there was a problem with your iPad on your computer, here you may click on "Restore."
  4. Just wait a bit, once it’s complete, you can recover the iPad data from a backup.

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