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Is Using Default Passwords on Your Yealink Device Safe?

Yealink specializes in video conferencing, voice communications, and collaboration solutions and ranks No.1 in the global market share of SIP phone shipments. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones depend on internet technology to establish multimedia communication, as this ensures that the network is secure and reliable.  Most Yealink phones use a single standard default username and password, and this raises serious security concerns. In this article, we explain the risks associated with using the Yealink default admin password, and how you can create secure complex passwords and safely store them using a single security tool.


Default Passwords

Devices and software often have standard pre-configured passwords which, of course, can be easily known to hackers. These passwords should be changed. Pre-configured credentials are meant to be only suitable for the initial setup or after a factory reset has been made. Though they are practical at this stage, however, they present serious security risks if left unchanged.


Yealink phone default passwords are typically weak and lack sophistication. A common problem in the corporate environment is the local administrator is responsible for setting the password that users are to use, and in such cases, users are prohibited to change it to one that the administrator does not know. The administrator might set a password that’s easy to remember and fail to take into account the need for a more complex and secure password. 


Passwords are meant to control access and ensure security, making use of weak default admin passphrases will run you the risk of being attacked in at least one of the following ways:


VoIP Hacking

Yealink phones depend on the internet to make their connections, and this is referred to as VoIP. Hackers are able to attack VoIP phones to penetrate business phone systems. This kind of hacking allows them to listen in on calls, and steal sensitive information about your business and your customers.



Keyloggers are malicious software that covertly tracks your keystrokes and reports them back to a hacker. Regularly inspect your computer and run a virus scan. Familiarize yourself with each hardware that's connected to your Yealink device.


Brute for attack 

A hacker can systematically try 2.18 trillion passphrases combinations in 22 seconds, and if your password is simple, your account could be compromised. Using a complex password comprised of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and mixed characters. This unique composition increases the complexity of your password(s), which will significantly reduce the chances of a successful brute force attack.

Be certain that your passwords can survive any attack. Replace weak passwords using Passwarden!

other platforms

Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

How to Change Your Yealink Phone Default Password


As already mentioned, the Yealink default admin password is easy to find on the internet and is therefore incapable of providing adequate security. 


  1. Press the Menu button, and then select Status. The IP address will appear in the display Yealink IP Phone.
  2. Access your Yealink IP phone via browser. Go to Security Menu → Password → select Admin for User type → enter Old password (Yealink default password: admin) → enter New Password and Confirm Password for a new password on the available text field → click Confirm.
  3. cShould you forget the Yealink phone password, you will need to reset the phone again and follow the above-mentioned process.

Why use a Passwarden Manager?

Passwarden takes the security of your passwords seriously and guarantees that no one except for you knows what data is stored in any of your Vaults. Its security measures are there to protect your passwords and other personal information. 


  • Your data is encrypted from the moment it leaves your device before it's sent to Passwarden's servers, this is what is referred to as Client-side encryption. This process ensures that only you can retrieve the information stored in your Vault and once your data has been encrypted, no one without proper authorization will be able to decrypt it into a readable format.
  • Another great reason to use Passwarden is that it allows you to safely share personal and confidential data with others such as your account logins, credentials, passport, ID, or bank card details.
  • It has a security dashboard that allows you to check how strong your passwords are, and you will be informed when they are compromised or reused.

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