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How To Protect Your Synology Device With Password Safety

You are probably reading this article because you want to know if you have done enough to keep your Synology router secured. In this article, we explain why you need to change your  Synology default password, and how you can create strong and secure passwords and safely store them using a single security tool.


Synology specializes in Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances. Network Attached Storage handles unstructured data, such as audio, video, websites, text files, and Microsoft Office documents. Synology is set to transform the way organizations manage their data.  It does this by uniquely providing businesses with cutting-edge innovative solutions that effectively enable businesses to manage, secure, and protect their data.


Since being founded in January 2000, the Taiwanese corporation has developed a wide range of products and solutions, one of which is its range of routers, which have gained some popularity. 


Your Synology router is responsible for handling your internet traffic, this traffic contains a lot of your confidential data and information which must be protected. Your first line of defense against an attack from any potential hacker should be to arm your router with a password that is unique and secure. Failing to do this will leave your router vulnerable to attacks by hackers and cybercriminals.


The purpose of default passwords

Default passwords are intended for the preliminary initialization, installation, and configuration process. It is common for most devices like mobile phones, computers, and routers to have pre-defined Admin values, and the downside of this is that they present serious security risks if left unchanged.


Default passwords are known to have contributed majorly to a lot of security breaches, the most common risk is that they can be obtained by any person, no special skills are required in most cases. Routers are often shared devices in the home or office and consequently use a shared default password, which can be easily obtained and accessed by hackers who might be trying to gain access to the data transmitted from it.


Some Synology routers use one set of pre-installed admin passwords to access the router configurations, this information is made available on their website and a hacker can exploit this knowledge to hack your router. It is important to change your Synology default password before fully using it, and to consider restricting network access to all crucial and important systems.


Creating strong and secure passwords

Cybercriminals are employing very sophisticated means to their methods, and reusing the same password is an unsafe way to go about securing your accounts. In the event that one of your accounts is compromised, the rest of your accounts will be left vulnerable.


  • Create a password containing at least 8 -12 characters.
  • Use a mix of characters. Make use of upper-case and lower-case, numbers, and symbols.
  • Avoid common substitutions such as BLOOM or 8700M, the brute force attacker will crack it with equal ease.
  • Don’t use memorable keyboard paths, sequential letters and numbers.

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Make Use of a Password Manager

An average person today has at least 10 login details that they have to memorize, and the challenge is that complex passwords are typically not easy to remember. This is specially made more challenging when you consider that each login is linked with a username, which varies from one account to the other. 

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