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What is a Raspberry PI Device

The Raspberry Pi is a name of single-board computers, launched in 2012 by Raspberry PI Foundation. The main goal of these tiny, low-cost computers is to make the computing education easier for people for all over the world. Thanks to the income from the sale of Raspberry Pi units, the company performing charity activities in the education sector.


What can be done with Raspberry Pi computer? You can learn programming skills: create a Twitter bot, block ads on your network, etc. Also, you can create your own home automation projects: set up a camera module and position the camera to monitor your pet or use it as a security camera for your house. You can upgrade your IoT devices by integrating them with Raspberry Pi: homemade burglar alarm, night light, automated backup server, and many more.


The Raspberry Pi runs Linux and can run almost all programming languages and frameworks, from Python to Fortran. Most Raspberry Pi units have a default password for access. For example, in Raspberry Pi OS (or Raspbian), the pre-configured username is "pi" and the pre-configured passcode is "raspberry". These default credentials are available in the instructions for each device.

How to Change the Raspberry PI Default Password and Username

Default Raspberry Pi credentials are included to make the setup process easier for new users. However, it is better to change them to keep your Raspbian system safe from unwanted prying eyes. With the recent update, Raspbian prompts users to create a new passcode immediately after installation. However, if you haven't made changes in your Raspbian default password yet, here's how:

  1. Access your account by using the default username “pi” and the default password “raspberry”
  2. After logging in, use “passwd” command to change your passcode
  3. Open the command line and type “passwd” and click “enter” on your keyboard
  4. Type in your current passcode
  5. After verification, type a new passcode that you want to use
  6. When you apply your new passcode it will be added in the Raspbian system right away

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