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What is Creston and How to Use It in a Safer Way?

Crestron is a company that designs, manufactures, and distributes equipments, Crestron products are used to control technology in audiovisual environments such as meeting spaces, classrooms, and auditoriums; Users can use Crestron Home app to control video, audio, lighting, shading, and security systems such as door locks, cameras, and more throughout the selected space.


Crestron manufactures all its own products, giving it cross-system integration capabilities. For instance, Crestron integrates seamlessly with Apple’s Siri, HomeKit and Apple TV, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


With Crestron, people can use a smartphone, tablet, touch screen, or remote to control functions including lighting, security, media, satellite and cable feeds, home network, telephone, shading, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc.


What is the Default Password?

The default password usually refers to the login information required to access a device or a service. Most of the time, it is provided, so the user will have access to the device during initial setup, or after the user has reset the device to factory defaults. An example: for Crestron default admin password, the user will need to enter the Crestron default username and password at the beginning of the setup.


Some devices use a simple passphrase, such as “admin” for all their devices/services, this way the users are expected to change the admin and passphrase in the configuration process. The default passphrase is usually written in the instruction manual or on the device. Other devices (i.e. routers) may come with a unique default admin and passphrase printed on a sticker or on a separate paper.


Even so, it is worth noticing that when using default passphrases, you are putting your cyber safety at risk! Because attackers may easily access your internet-connected computers using default username and passphrase that are shared. Therefore, when setting up a new device, one should always remember to change the default credentials!

What is the Crestron Default Password?

For Crestron Default Password, to get access to the router of Crestron (e.g. CEN-WAP-ABG-CM, etc.), you will need to know the IP of your router, the admin, username and router password. The Crestron default password can be found in your Crestron router manuals. A quick guide to Crestron default admin password is as follows:

  1. After detecting your router IP, you should click on the link to your router login page.
  2. There you will see 2 text fields for username and password.
  3. Look at the bottom of the router (if not, have a look at the manual) and find your login credentials.
  4. Enter the Crestron default admin password, press on “Enter” and you will now find the control panel of your router.

If the above steps don’t work, as long as you know the model name of your Crestron router, you could search it here, then you will be redirected to the guide suitable for your device, and it shall include a user manual.

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