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Arris Default Password and Secure Personal Data


Arris International Limited is an American telecommunication equipment company. It deals with data, telephony, and video systems for your business and homes. When it comes to choosing devices for your own home, you start selecting the best ones from a great number. If you are searching for innovations, then your only choice is Arris. It is the company that created digital TV and brought wireless Internet into our homes. This company is a real leader in service providing.

Information About Arris Devices

If you want to have a splendid Internet experience, use Arris modems and routers. Arris routers use specific protocols which allow their connectivity. It provides additional security to your device. You can make use of wireless or wired models. In case you use the Arris router or modem for connecting to the Internet, you will have to check its configuration manual. It can be done with the help of a password or username. But if you do not know them, you can use Arris default login settings.

Default password and its function

It is well known that a default password is a standard pre-configured passcode for any device. Such unchanged default configurations can be very risky for your device. Typical default passwords are guest, admin, sysadmin, etc. To say more, sellers as a rule apply a single default passcode. It is the main problem because it can be easily found online. 

They are widely applied in embedded systems, remote terminal interfaces, and industrial control systems. If you leave them unchanged, your business and home network can be an easy target for attackers.

How to access Arris modem setup

If you have issues with your device, or you need to change the setting. Do it by getting access to the device through the wired or wireless home network, connecting to its IP address. After having done this, you will be prompted to enter your passcode or a username. If you did not alter your Arris modem login settings, use Arris default password and username. The Arris default password is “password”. The default username is “admin”. After this, you can change plenty of settings.

How to reset factory settings?

If you have troubles with your Arris router, reset the device to factory settings. To do this, press and hold the reset button. This will reset all default settings, including Arris default password. This method will solve the problem. You will log into the device easily.

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How to avoid creating a weak password

A strong password is extremely important. It can avert unauthorized access to your devices and accounts. If your passcode is long and complicated, it will be difficult for hackers to crack it. The more complex your password is, the more safety it grants to your account. Your account is the place where you store your sensitive information. That is why it is so crucial to take care of your passwords.

Your passcode should not include:

  • any string with sequential letters and numbers.
  • no combinations such as 12345, combinations of addresses, and phone numbers.
  • no personal information.
  • any part of the username, even if it includes variations.
  • words that a hacker can hack with the help of a special dictionary program.


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