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How to Manage the Best Password Security Checker

The rise of hacking and cybercrimes require some countermeasures to protect personal data. If you worry about the safety of your identity on the web you need reliable tools. Password security checkers and managers are one of them. It is quite important to prioritize online security and use solid password strength meters to stay aware of all events happening to your accounts and credentials. 


So what is the best password security meter? How should you use it correctly? Let’s check out this manual to learn more about online safety and the strength of your authorization data.

What is Security Dashboard and How to Manage It

Security Dashboard is a master tool to control the safety of your credentials. Our password security checker is informative enough to keep you aware of everything that happens to your password. You will know about all the leaks and breaches in the services you use. How to use our password strength meter? Just follow the next steps.


1. Firstly, you need to download and install the Passwarden application.

2. Then you need to authorize the application using your KeepSolid ID and Master Password. If you don’t have both, you can create them right here.

3. After you log in you can see the Security Dashboard menu.


Note: This section contains all necessary information about the safety of your credentials. Don’t forget to enable the Dark Web Monitoring to get access to all features of our password security meter.


4. You will see the following sections: Weak Passwords, Reused Passwords, Expiring, Compromised Accounts, Vulnerable Passwords.

5. If you see that any of the sections require your attention we recommend you take action as soon as possible. You can change your weak passwords using our Password Generator.

Generate Password

6. There is a Total Protection Rate in this section. It can show you the total security summary of your items. The lesser issues you have the higher rate you will see. 


Great! Now you know how to manage our password security checker and keep your items safe. Go on reading to learn more about the sections of the Security Dashboard. 

Sections of our Password Security Checker

Weak Passwords

This category contains passwords created without observance of password-creating requirements. Such combinations often don’t have special symbols, numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters. Our password strength checker will offer you to change your password into a stronger one.

Reused Passwords

In this section, you may check out all the passwords that were reused on multiple accounts. Even if you created a strong and reliable combination of characters for one account, reusing it will endanger your data on all accounts. The best practice is to create a single and strong password for a single account or service.

Compromised Passwords

You can learn all the related services or sites where a security breach occurs. You will be advised to fix your credentials using our solution. Don’t forget to enable Dark Web Monitor to get a detailed password strength test.

Vulnerable Passwords 

You can learn all the passwords that have been exposed in a data breach. Cybercriminals may don’t know that you use this password but you still need to change it into a new and reliable one. In this way, you can protect your personal data from massive leakage in the future.

Expiring Passwords

Our password security checker can inform you about the expiration dates of your passwords or other sensitive data like credit cards, passports, licenses, etc. The settings are rather flexible. You may just set up a date when you want to receive a relevant notification about changing your credentials. 

Our password strength meter will show how secure your credentials are

Download Passwarden and check out our Security Dashboard to learn how safe your passwords are!

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Protect your items with our password security checker!

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