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Security Dashboard 

Security Dashboard for password vulnerability check. Be aware of a data breach that exposed your password. Bypass security breaches due to weak passwords

Security Dashboard – Best Password Vulnerability Check

Topical issues of today’s cyber security are the strength of personal credentials and data breaches. A decade ago hacking used to be about having fun. But today, penetrating information systems has become an illegal industry worth billions. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion by 2021.

Massive data leakage happens more often and hacking statistics grow year by year. But how can you know if your password is compromised? Where can you find information about the safety of your passwords? What is dark web monitoring and how to make a complete password vulnerability check?

Meet the Security Dashboard! This is the new Passwarden feature that will allow you to protect yourself from security breaches due to weak passwords. You can always check how strong your passwords are, and you will be informed if they are compromised or reused. Go on reading to learn more about this ultimate cyber security feature.

Data Breach Causes

You have definitely read about massive leakages of personal credentials on the web. According to Norton Security, about 60 million Americans fall victim to identity theft every year. Stats show that the most common causes of a data breach are:

  • Hacking attacks
  • Weak or lost passwords
  • Malicious software
  • Application vulnerabilities

Some of the data breach causes can be easily neutralized by the user. Just generate secure combinations of characters and stay secure. But, let’s be honest, we do not always follow the basic principles of security protection and keep using the same password for all our accounts. Furthermore, hacker attacks can expose a personal credentials database of a service you’re authorized in.

That’s why you need Passwarden. Our Security Dashboard feature will keep you aware of all the exterior threats and data breaches that can influence your password safety. Let’s have a closer look at the reasons why you need our solution and how it works. Let’s overcome the vulnerabilities with Passwarden.

How Cyber Security Dashboard Works

The Security Dashboard is the best cyber security solution to check the vulnerability of your personal credentials. You will have detailed information if your records have identical passwords and you will see the records that are susceptible to hacking. The cyber security dashboard section is divided into the following categories.

Weak Passwords

This category contains passwords created without observance of password-creating requirements. Such combinations often don’t have special symbols, numbers, lowercase and uppercase letters. Our password strength checker will offer you to change your password into a stronger one.

Reused Passwords

In this section, you may check out all the passwords that were reused on multiple accounts. Even if you created a strong and reliable combination of characters for one account, reusing it will endanger your data on all accounts. The best practice is to create a single and strong password for a single account or service.


Our password security checker can inform you about the expiration dates of your passwords or other sensitive data like credit cards, passports, licenses, etc. The settings are rather flexible. You may just set up a date when you want to receive a relevant notification about changing your credentials.

Vulnerable Passwords

In this section, you can stay aware of all the passwords exposed in a data breach. Cybercriminals may don’t know that you use this password but you still need to change it into a new and reliable one. In this way, you can protect your personal data from massive leakage in the future.

Compromised Accounts

You can find out about all the related services or sites where a security breach occurs. You will be advised to fix your credentials using our solution. Don’t forget to enable Dark Web Monitor to get a detailed password strength test.

Choosing one of these categories you will see a list of items in your Vaults that are required to be fixed. You can also check out the Total Protection Rate indicator, to see the level of your passwords strength. This protection rate is automatically calculated by assessing all your stored passwords. 

If your password is considered weak, you will be advised to change it creating another strong and safe combination of characters. Check out this page to learn how to generate strong passwords with Passwarden. 

Cyber Security Dashboard is a real lifesaver for your online protection!

Get Passwarden to enjoy the best tool for password vulnerability check.

Security Guru

This section of the Security Dashboard is your extra protection tool. It offers you to get Passwarden for other devices you use. Just follow the links and get the best security solution for mobile or desktop platforms. You can also download VPN Unlimited, another popular KeepSolid product with millions of users. It is just the best way to secure your internet connection with top-notch encryption and privacy protection.

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web monitoring feature will inform you about all the cases of password leakage with related websites and accounts. This will help you to take measures for the cyber protection of your sensitive data and change the relevant credentials in time. For instance, if you find out that your email address or an account number has been found on the dark web, you are required to update the password to a new, unique, and complex one.

FAQ About Cyber Security Dashboard

Can I make a notification about the need to change my password in the future?

You can go to Settings and set up the date when you want to change your password. When the date comes you will get a notification. Bypass all the breaches and vulnerabilities with our Cyber Security Dashboard solution.

How is my password strength assessed by the application?

Passwarden will check the password requirements and notify you whether your password complies with them or not. Security Dashboard will check the number of characters, numbers, lower and upper case characters. We will also inform you if your password was already used in another account because reused passwords make your sensitive data vulnerable.

Where can I get help if I have any questions?

If you have some questions about vulnerability checks, security breaches, or dark web monitoring you can always connect our Customer Support via [email protected]. Our team is always ready to help day and night.

Get the best cyber security dashboard with Passwarden!

Our solution allows you to check your password vulnerability to protect yourself from data breaches. Check it out!