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Password Strength Checker

A security tool to check how good and strong your password is.

Length: 0
StrengthTime to crackRate
Very Weak25 minutes Change it ASAP. Using this password like leaving the front door opened.
Weak2 hours Not recommended. It looks like leaving a key in a door lock.
Medium4 days So-so. Using this key is like closing your front door and leaving a key under the flower pot.
Strong15 days Good, this password can keep you secure like a key in a deposit box.
Very Strong1 thousand years Great! It will take a month of Sundays to hack you!

Why You Need a Password Strength Checker

Password Strength Checker is a simple tool to check how strong is your password. Sometimes, it can be a real lifesaver for your password security. We’ll help you to recognize vulnerabilities in your credentials and give advice on how to create a stronger and more secure combination of characters.


Note: We don’t record your passwords and don’t share them with third parties.

How to Fix the Security Issues Using Password Checker

Step 1.

Check out the strength of our password with a reliable password security checker. For this, enter your current password into the password field.

Step 2.

Find the strength level of your password. It is indicated below the password field - from Weak to Strong.

Step 3.

Change this password if it is reported as weak. For this, check our KeepSolid password generator or use a built-in generator in Passwarden.

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