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What is QNAP?

QNAP’s NAS (networks attached storage) are systems that are made of one or several hard drives that are connected to the internet. The QNAP is a safe place for backup data orange it’s a storage that keeps all of your files and media such as pictures, videos, music, etc… it’s an easy-to-use customizable personal server with an overall variety of solutions like a download manager, a multimedia center, and a lot more.

What is the QNAP Default Password?

The QNAP default administrator password and username in QTS differ depending on your QTS version. Starting on QTS version 4.4.2 the QNAP default password is the first MAC address of NAS in capital letters or a special character, you can discover the MAC address in Qfinder pro or the MAC address sticker. 


For example, the primary MAC cope with a TVS-871 is 00-08-9B-F6-15-75. The default admin password is 00089BF61575. You can log in to the NAS with admin/00089BF61575 after resetting the NAS.


For QTS version 4.4.1 the default password is admin.


Benefits of QNAP

The QNAP device has a lot of benefits that make your browsing through the internet easier. Some of these benefits are:

  • Mass storage and document sharing over various platforms: Available in 1-8 sound models, Turbo NAS presents 16TB of cache ability to keep up with the needs of enterprises, workgroups, and home clients.
  • Client access control: IT administrators can make organizers, and clients on the NAS with the predefined read and compose permissions. By joining the NAS to an AD space, you can undoubtedly import area client records and passwords into the NAS. This saves IT efforts in making and overseeing accounts.
  • Protects your data: Turbo NAS helps RAID 1/ 5/ 6 with warm spare configurations to defend the gadget from viable information loss because of tough disk power failure.
  • A good data transfer performance: Turbo NAS presents notable records switch overall performance of as much as 100MB/s thru samba. This reduces the ready time of record add and download.

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other platforms

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Personal Data Security

Unwanted access is a critical problem for each person who uses gadgets which include computer systems or smartphones. As a result of those break-ins, your personal information, like emails, messages, as well as credit card details, can be misused. 


One of the most common methods for hackers to break into your account is by guessing your password. Passcodes are vital to guard your private information. However, without additional support, they're now no longer the most effective way. 


As a first step, you have to change the default passwords on any device and on any platform. QNAP is not an exclusion. To keep your data safe and secure, change its default credentials. By keeping it you make it easier for hackers to get into your QNAP system and have access to your data. With a strong password, you make this task extra hard for them. But make sure to apply additional secure methods, like 2FA as well.


A secure way to store your data

While there are different applications that could help you in keeping your personal information safe, Passwarden is one of the best:


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