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OPNsense and the Method of Using It Safely

OPNsense is an open-source Firewall service. It provides a stable and safe system to users, developers and businesses. To explain briefly: an OPNsense firewall is an application that analyzes and filters online flow by protocol type, source address, destination address, source port, and/or destination port according to predefined rules.


OPNsense was released as a patch to Pfsense in 2015. In addition to Firewall, DHCP servers, DNS servers, VPN, etc. available. One can install OPNsense on both hardware with Network Card and virtual machines.

OPNsense Default Username & Password

Although OPNsense is a great firewall, as a service that is so integrated into all the systems of your company or home, the security of this application itself is also important. Changing OPNsense default password and username set by the factory is the first step. This default password and username are set by the developers and can be easily found on the Internet. So, they must be replaced immediately after the first login, otherwise someone may infiltrate your system and change your settings or even steal your personal info from there.


Here are OPNsense default password and username:

  • The default username for your OPNsense router is root.
  • The default password is opnsense. 

If you do not change this default code, your device is vulnerable to all possible attacks because it can be easily found and changed both online and physically. So it is better to change this default password and username as soon as possible. 


Additional Security Measures

The problems do not end there. Not only OPNsense, but also many applications and services in our personal and professional life, require the use of unique and strong passwords and usernames. But dealing with hundreds of credentials is now making our lives a nightmare. Because it is no longer possible to remember all of this data. Some try to use the same code for all of their account and services, however, this is a dangerous habit. If someone gets your password once, he may infiltrate all of your accounts.

Here's a great solution to help you deal with these concerns: Passwarden! With this solution, you no longer have to memorize hundreds of codes because Passwarden securely stores them all. Also, our app offers you a Password Generator that will make strong and unique passcodes for all of your accounts.

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

The Great Advantages of the Passwarden

Passwarden is a great solution that stores, protects, and manages your passwords and other personal information. It also offers dozens of extra features.


The Duress mode helps you in difficult situations. To use this mode, create a Duress password and choose the data that will be available in Duress mode. When you are forced to open your app, use the Duress code. The app will show only the previously chosen information, hiding all of your other critical data.


Moreover, it has a very useful feature called Master password. It is a special password that is needed to access your Vaults. All your important data is securely saved behind this code. Thanks to this additional security layer, even our employees can’t see your data.


MonoDefense is one more great opportunity to secure your online life. Besides Passwarden, this bundle offers a subscription to VPN Unlimited. Thanks to this solution, you will be untraceable on the internet! You will also have convenient access to content that is censored in your country or region. Get top-level security at discounted prices with a great package offer.


More Advantages of Using Passwarden:


  • Increase your data safety with AES-256 and ЕС р-384 military-level protocols, as well as client-side end-to-end encryption applied by Passwarden.
  • You can use the Autofill option for instant login to all of your accounts.
  • Multi-platform storage, which means all your codes and significant information on all your devices are saved simultaneously and can be used on all of them. Our app is available on macOS, iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and as a Web app.
  • Very affordable prices for a great service. Check it out.
  • Great extra features such as Duress Mode, 2FA, etc.

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