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What Is LTS and Its Security?

With the advent of the internet of things (IoT), technology such as cameras and surveillance servers can be accessed remotely. However, this could be the door that cybercriminals could use to compromise your security if it's not secured using a complex and unique password. 


In this article, we explain the risks associated with using LTS camera default password, and how you can create secure complex passwords and safely store them using a single security tool.


One of the things that should always be on top of our minds is the security of our homes and businesses. LTS is well known for providing cutting-edge video camera security solutions. They are one of the leading and trusted companies that offer surveillance cameras and network recorders. Using their technologically advanced systems, you can conveniently log in to your security system via your laptop computer or mobile to remotely monitor and make changes to your security. LTS camera equipment is protected using a password, the default login credentials are known and can be accessed by anyone who inquires. 


The use of a default password on LTS cameras defeats the purpose of relying on its high-end security solution because it can be accessed by anyone.

What Are Default Passwords?

LTS' camera default password is made available online and in the Vendor's product documentation. Default passwords are username and password pairs that are pre-configured into the operating system, database, or software. These pre-configured passwords should be only used at the initial start-up and set up to configure settings to suit users' preferences. Ensuring that you replace a default password with a unique, strong password will effectively deter any threats that the system may be vulnerable to.


The Risks Of Using Default Passwords

  • Are not made secret.
  • Attackers can easily obtain them.
  • They are weak passwords, lacking complexity, and therefore could be discovered.
  • They are reused for other security protocols.
  • Furthermore, they are shared between a manufacturer's product lines.

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Creating Strong, Unique Passwords

The main risk that is ever prevalent with passwords is that they can be discoverable, especially if users use the same password(s) for multiple accounts. There is key information about yourself that you should never make use of when creating a password. Here are the examples of what information to not use:


  1. A word that is found in a dictionary, in any language (e.g. Camera or Cámara)
  2. Dictionary words with some letters replaced by numbers and/or symbols (e.g. Blessed / Bl3553d)
  3. Repeated characters such as "ZZZZ" or "0000"
  4. Personal details such as your birthdate, names, etc.

How Password Manager Can Protect You

The golden cybersecurity rule is: to use non-breakable and unique passwords. This can be challenging especially if you need to do it for your many accounts including your Email, banking, social media accounts, streaming services, etc. Remembering unique and complex passwords is difficult, fortunately, there’s a solution for you – a secure password manager like Passwarden will do everything for you.


Passwarden keeps a memory of all your passwords as soon as you add them to your secure Vault. They can be accessed from any device whenever you need them. Creating complex and unbreakable passwords can be a challenge. Using Passwarden’s password generator, this can be done with a few clicks and in just seconds.


Safeguarding Your Data Using Passwarden 

After installing Passwarden on your device, the process of securing your passwords is quick and easy. Create your KeepSolid ID, log in, and create a Master Password. You will only need your Master Password to access your Passwarden account henceforth, make sure to memorize it and save the Recovery key that will be provided to you.


Using Passwarden's data migration, you can import all your passwords and data stored in a browser or another password manager.


The autofill feature will automatically sign in to a website or fill the relevant fields for you every time you need to enter data that’s stored in Passwarden.

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