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Hikvision Default Password And Data Security

Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd., located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, is a state-owned manufacturer and provider of video surveillance systems for civilian and military use. Hikvision, a prominent producer of innovative CCTV systems, was founded in 2001 in China. Hikvision manufactures IP cameras, HD analog cameras, administration and analytics software, and more.

Default Passwords

The default password of a device is pre-configured. Many gadgets' default credentials are very risky if kept unchanged. These are some of the most often used default passcodes. A vendor's default password may be found online using a search engine or a website that gathers password lists.

Default passwords are supposed to be placeholders for the first device setup or factory reset. During the operation, the user is not always requested to change their password. When setting a device, users should change the default credentials to strong ones to avoid security issues.


Not all Hikvision cameras have a default password (for a few years now). When Hikvision cameras or recorders are initially activated, they need a strong password. This is a safer technique that helps avoid hacking attacks. The newer Hikvision NVR/DVRs and IP cameras do not have a default passphrase.

Previously, Hikvision devices came with a default admin password of 12345 for their admin account. There were also password-protected Hikvision OEM resellers. Common Hikvision default passwords and usernames are shown below. Test them on your Hikvision NVR, DVR, or  IP camera to see whether they work!

For DVRs, NVRs,  and IP cameras, try these Hikvision default accounts:

  • Username: admin Password: 12345
  • Username: admin Password: 123456
  • Username: admin Password: admin


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Reasons to Avoid Using Default Username or Password

Due to the increased danger of unauthorized access, it is not a good idea to utilize credentials that have been pre-set. The use of default login credentials is unsafe for the following reasons.


  1. Using the same password across several accounts is rather usual. A password for one service might potentially provide unauthorized users access to a broad range of other services.
  2. Hackers have an easier time getting in since most people don't update their passwords soon away. Default passcodes are typically given in user manuals, where anybody may view and guess them with ease. They are often discussed on hacker forums as well.
  3. In many cases, individuals will revert to using the same passphrase again and over again. Unauthorized users may continue to get access to your account as long as they have the passphrase in their possession.
  4. In the previous several years, password-cracking systems have improved their ability to guess passwords. A few years from now even the best secure passwords of today will be vulnerable to attack because of the fast growth in technical innovation.
  5. Passwords may be stolen via the use of social engineering techniques. One method fraudsters attempt to gain their hands on personal information is via email scams, phony websites, and phishing emails. Furthermore, a surprising amount of people really do what is asked of them when they are asked to.
  6. User passphrase databases are more often compromised than the ordinary person is aware of. In many cases, the hacker attack remains undetected or is only discovered after a lengthy period of time. Since the passwords are no longer controlled, hackers may now steal sensitive data at will.
  7. The breach of a password may allow unauthorized users to access a service and its data. There is no way for the user to know if someone else is using their password to get into the service. And maybe even worse, the service provider doesn't know, allowing outsiders to take crucial information from the corporation unannounced.

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