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What is ClickShare and How to Use It in a Safer Way?

Nowadays, business meeting habits are changing, wireless presentation technologies have started to be used in meeting rooms. At this point, the ClickShare product family, released by the leader and pioneer of the wireless presentation market, Barco, is a good example of this technology. The ClickShare product family consists of base units and USB ClickShare buttons. 


ClickShare USB button is a pioneering technology. By plugging ClickShare buttons with USB ports into computers where information will be shared, users can easily project the image on their computers to the main screen. Depending on the capacity of each base unit model, more than one ClickShare USB button can be connected at the same time. Thus, by pressing the desired button from the connected ones, the image can be reflected on the screen.

ClickShare Default Login and Password

Although the ClickShare is a great device, like any device and service that is externally integrated into our system, it carries certain risks. Chief among these problems is the risk of being hijacked and hacked by malicious people. These devices, like your other devices, must be protected with the highest level of security.

The first step of the security shield is to change ClickShare default login and password and the user login name of the device. This default password and the login name are set by the producer. Mostly, ClickShare default password is the same for all devices and can be easily accessed on the internet or on the device itself. Changing these default credentials is a security method that is unfortunately overlooked by many users, leaves your device completely an easy target for any unwanted user. What can a 0000 code protect you from? So, we suggest to change these default credentials as quickly as possible.

Even if you change the default password, there are other concerns with new passwords. All devices and services we use require having unique strong codes and login usernames. However, obtaining separate login names and codes for all of them has become almost torture nowadays. Some users set a single code and use it on all their devices and accounts, but this does not provide security for anyone in any way. If your password is revealed once, all your accounts can be easily accessed. Likewise, saving codes and login names in a notebook or in a messenger creates security vulnerabilities.

We want to introduce you to a great secure solution, Passwarden. Thanks to our app, which is equipped with the most advanced security technologies, you can create, store, share all your passwords and other personal information.

Use Passwarden, and protect your data and passwords from cyberattacks!

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

The Benefits of Using Passwarden

Passwarden offers you dozens of different features and makes your life very easy. Thanks to this application, you no longer have to memorize all the complex and long codes! It also makes strong password suggestions for you whenever you want. It even checks the strength of your passwords.


Apart from these, it has a great feature like Duress mode. To use this feature, you must set a Duress password beforehand. And if one day you are forced to enter your account, only the information you chose before will be shown on the app, and all other important data will be hidden while logging in with this password. In short, you can have peace of mind now because your sensitive information is safe.


More advantages of using Passwarden:

  • It will make both your daily life and business life ultra-fast with its autofill feature because you can instantly sign in to any of your accounts.
  • Cross-device synchronization! With Passwarden Vaults, you can access your passwords and other stored data whenever you need. Moreover, the changes you make on one device will be right away synced with the others.
  • It has the “Offline mode”. This means you can access Passwarden whether you have an internet connection or not.
  • Thanks to Security Dashboard, you will always have up-to-date information about the security of your credentials. The feature will let you know about the strength of your credentials and whether you need to update them.

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