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The Importance of Being Unfunny

There are so many drawbacks to the very idea of a password that, really, these two words are almost interchangeable — like “a password is a drawback is a password”. First, you have to type your passwords in — that is hit the buttons with your fingers in the right order. Lots of work and even more stress. Second, nine times out of ten you can’t see what you are typing in. Dumbfounding, to put it mildly: all of a sudden, all the keys on your keyboard are magically turned into asterisks. And then there is an ugly issue of memorizing these terrible nasty combinations.


Wouldn’t it be great to use some funny cute password ideas to make the dull boring task of keeping your secret combination in mind less dull and not that boring? The answer is yes, it would. The only drawback (here we go again, speaking about passwords and drawbacks) to this approach is this: when your cute password ideas are funny, almost every hacker in the world can easily steal your identity, log in to your computer, and help themselves to all your sensitive information. And it is here when cute funny things get very really totally unfunny — and not cute at all.


Why Cute Combinations Are No-Go

People are generally very good at memorizing things that mean something and very bad at memorizing what they perceive to be nothing but gibberish. This is why when asked to think of a WiFi combination, almost every girl and almost every boy will come with a well-known word or phrase, a sequence of digits that means something to them, or a certain pattern that they draw on their keyboard. Unfortunately, most people think alike and thus end up creating and using completely unoriginal sequences like “111111”, “123456”, and “qwerty”.


One way of dealing with this conundrum is to use something funny (in other words, something that is very easy to remember) which is also (hopefully) unique. Unfortunately, no one enjoys reading websites devoted to funny WiFi password ideas more than cyber criminals. This is exactly where they get their ideas — pun intended — for cracking the combination to your WiFi, computer, and, above all, digital wallet. There is even suspicion that it is really hackers themselves who create and maintain websites that promote boy and girl password ideas that are cute, funny — and absolutely unreliable.

The truth is, every person’s secret combination cannot be better than a strong password.

What Is Strong Password and Why Do You Need to Use It

A log-in combination can be called strong if it meets all these requirements:

  • Consists of at least 12 characters (or more for added protection)
  • Features both lower- and upper-case letters
  • Has digits
  • Includes special symbols (like # and @)
  • Is truly random i.e. there is no order or pattern in the way the elements of the sequence are placed.


Strong passwords have the important benefit of being virtually impossible to brute-force (crack by checking all possible combinations). Thus, they are the only viable way to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Chances are, when an average person is asked to think of a strong password, they will place the digits and special symbols either at the beginning or at the end of the sequence — which means that such a combination is not truly random. Thus, it is recommended that you use a random password generator when creating new and updating your old log-in sequences as this software is considerably better at doing this specific job.

So, we’ve made a full circle: funny cute passwords for every boy and girl are a bad idea because they are prone to being hacked despite being easy to remember. But how do you remember your random strong sequences?

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