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What Is a Twitch Password Breach and How To Prevent It

The moral lesson of a joke that was once told is: What’s the point of doing something impressive when there’s no one around you to impress?

The thing about games is that when you have finally got it right, you’d like for an audience to be there to cheer you for having pulled it off. In this article, we will be looking at ways to prevent any possible breach on your Twitch account.

When you are into something, you will usually become fascinated with watching others do it, this is something that has been happening in gaming ever since its existence. Fellow gamers and enthusiasts alike, relish witnessing brilliance and skill, just seeing someone masterfully beat all the challenges that are created in the game is something worth watching. It could be said that this is something knew and understood very well when they founded their gaming streaming service in 2007. 

Twitch, now a subsidiary of Amazon, started out focusing more on video games but has grown to expand into streams dedicated to creative content, music, and more. The site has more than 7 million people a month streaming content and draws numbers comparable to streaming giants like Netflix and YouTube, which makes it very popular.

Twitch User Passwords Breach


In October 2021, a torrent link containing Twitch’s computer code, security vulnerabilities, and payments to its content creators was anonymously posted to 4Chan, a website popularly known for starting the Steve Jobs death hoax that saw Apple’s share price drop by 10%, the site is loved by its users for keeping their anonymity. This was a data breach suffered by the giant game streaming platform.


Twitch said in a statement that users' passwords, login details, and credit card information were not accessed or exposed in the breach. Users should update their passwords on the platform and ensure two-factor authentication is implemented. Additionally, they should update passwords anywhere else where they have used the same password twice. This breach didn't go unnoticed as it sent shockwaves across the gaming community.


Data breaches are now common and billions of people have experienced having their confidential and personal information be exposed in public. Cybercriminals and hackers will not stop doing what they do, and the only thing that users can do is to protect themselves from all attempts to have their data breached.

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How to Create Strong and Memorable Passwords


An effective way to keep your data safe and from any breach is by creating unique and complex passwords for your Twitch account and other local apps. It can be very challenging to have to come up with strong passwords that are made of symbols, numbers, and different casings, but keeping a memory of them is difficult. 


When creating passwords, you should avoid using your details, including your names, important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, your home address, and other personal information. 


Password managers are there to help with creating, saving, and storing your passwords, and Passwarden makes that whole process easy for you. You can use its secure Password Generator to create random unique passwords within seconds. It keeps your information confidential using its data encryption and other safety measures.

How Long Does It Take to Crack Strong Passwords?


This depends on the length, complexity, and randomness of the password. It could be anything between the next second or the next millennium. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (US), recommends following the password security requirements, which endorses this criterion. A password made up of a single character can be compromised in a second, while a 12 character password containing at least 1 upper case letter, 1 number, and 1 symbol, will take 63 thousand years to crack. 


The drawback of creating a strong password without a manager is it won't get stored safely in an encrypted enabled vault. Using Passwarden means you won't have to worry about any of this. It is the best choice you can make for your security.

How To Update Your Password in Passwarden


1. Log into your Passwarden account by entering your master password.

2. Then, from the menu, choose your Twitch account.


3. In the right corner of the screen, select the edit button.

4. Type your new password into the field provided.

5. Hit the save button to update it.

Benefits of Passwarden

Two-factor authentication (2FA)


2FA is a trusted security measure that reliably secures your login details. A unique one-time pin is sent to your registered email or authenticator app to be used for confirming your credentials at each login request.

Data encryption


Passwarden uses AES-256 and ЕС р-384 data encryption protocols, the encryption is employed on the side of the client and ensures that user passwords and personal information is securely concealed from anyone but you.

Duress mode


You can create a password to enter in situations where you are under duress. Passwarden will open the duress mode, a Vault to designate non-critical information that you want to be shown when in such situations.

Master Password


One password to be used for securing all your accounts. No need to memorize any other password. Passwarden uses your Master Password to retrieve your account's actual unique password.

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