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How To Change WordPress Password

Change is part of the requirements on our day to day basis. When it comes to security, a WordPress password change is one of the things to be embraced. Change of password in WordPress should not be a problem but it is the smartest thing to do as far as security is concerned. The change of WordPress password is not to be excluded from the vital changes in our lives. How to change WordPress passwords can only be understood when we have full knowledge of the correct utilization of the best passwords managers. 


Our focus is mainly on:

  1. What is WordPress?
  2. How to change WordPress password.
  3. How to update the WordPress password in the Passwarden storage.
  4. Benefits of using the Passwarden Application.

How To Change Password from Your WordPress Account


With a few steps to follow you will be able to change the WordPress password in two clicks.

1. On your Word Press login screen, click the Lost passcode button.

Lost your password

2. You will be prompted to enter the email address or username associated with your account.

Username or Email Address

3. You will receive an email through the address you entered, that's your passcode reset link, click on it.

4. Type in a new passcode or keep the auto-generated password provided. Press a reset password button and a new passcode will be saved. You will get a confirmation of the passcode message immediately. Then you are ready to roll.

New password

Updating The WordPress Password In The Passwarden Storage

1. Access the Admin screen.

WordPress password log in

2. Open the user’s table and press to the left on the menu. The table can have prefixes, choose the user you intend to change, and press edit screenshot.

Type the password here

3. Enter New passcode next to the user-pass select MD5 from the drop-down menu under function. Replace the value for user-pass with a new passcode. Click go to save your changes.

Encrypt your new password

You have successfully updated your WordPress password in the database!

More About Passwarden Application

Those who have come across this application will agree that it is at the top list of the best-trusted password manager. The use of this Passwarden storage had given security relief to many companies and individuals. The full knowledge of its operation will transform your life from a security perspective. 


When it comes to security Passwarden is exceptionally the best taking the security features it has. It is very convenient and easy to use and has secured storage for your passcodes and other notes. This password manager does not only store your data securely but also gives your valued information protection from hackers through its dual authentication feature. You can safely change the password for your WordPress account and enjoy your freedom.

What is WordPress

This is a powerful site builder and content management system that makes it possible for anyone to create an online presence quickly, for your blog, portfolio, business, or online business. This software is available for use from individuals to large corporations. It does not only work for all users but it is also free and flexible. Password change for WordPress is so easy in case you are considering it.


The change of password in WordPress is bound to happen one way or the other, it might be the issue of forgetfulness, sharing your passcode with other users or you forgot to log out from a public computer, or suspicion of hackers whatever case might be.

Why Use the Passwarden Password Manager

It is the best way to store, generate and protect your data, passcodes, and other important notes.

The safest password manager

This application was developed by the best professional cyber security company. When it comes to the storage of your passcodes and valuable information this application is safe because no one has access to your information including the PassWarden employees.

Two-Factor Authentication

For the safety of your passcodes. Security measures are installed to make sure your data is protected within the app. In this case, users have to identify themselves in two different authentication factors for self-verification hence blocking hackers from accessing your data.

MonoDefense Security Bundle

For an ultimate combo, KeepSolid allows you to combine the benefits of password manager with a set of other security solutions: VPN Unlimited, DNS Firewall, and SmartDNS. MonoDefense cybersecurity bundle offers the protection of passcodes, network, and browsing all the time.

Data encryption on many platforms

With the AE-256 and EC p-384 data encryption protocols, your personal information and passcodes are secured in Passwarden. The use of Passwarden gives you the freedom for use on any device either iPhone, Android, desktop computers, and many more.

Password sharing and import

If you are willing to share your passcode with others, Passwarden is secure and safe thereby making it easy to share your information with others. You can also share and transfer data from other password managers and browsers to the Passwarden application.

Duress mode

The security of your passcode is of paramount importance. In a case where there is a demand to open your Passwarden this feature through the vault which is the storage place for all your data and passcodes will remain hidden the data that has been previously defined will be displayed.

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