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How to Change Router Password

Let’s see how to change your Router password. Check the precise steps in this article.

How to Change Router Password


1. To change your router password open a web browser.

2. Then type your router’s IP address into the search bar and press the Enter key. In general IP addresses have the same links. Therefore, let’s try “” or “” or “” as the address.

Google IP address

3. Then, write your router’s username and password and click Sign In. As you may know, the router’s name is not the same as WiFi’s. So, please check your box or the manual and write the correct one.

Sign In Router

4. After that click Wireless. It may change according to your device but we use the most widely used router in the world. 

TP Link Router Wireless

5. After this step, it is time to switch your password, you can also write the WiFi name and/or password. This information can easily be found in your box or manual. Please check it. To change your WiFi password, you usually have to choose a security option first.

Netgear Router Wireless

6. After all, the steps are finished. You can always follow the same steps and change your password whenever you want.

Network Save

How to Reset Router Password

1.  To change or reset the router password, again you have to get the router’s webpage.

Internet Setup

2. This page may again be changed but we use one of the most common ones. Let’s push the Administration tab then click on the Factory Defaults.

Click Administration Factory Degaults

3. On this page you should click the Restore Factory Defaults button. Also, you use a tiny needle to push the Reset button on your box. It’s done, you have changed your router password!

Restore Factory Defaults

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