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How to Change BestBuy Password

Are you trying to log in to your BestBuy account but, for some reason, can’t remember your login credentials, and using your older passwords doesn’t help either? The only option you’re left with is to change or reset your password. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps through which you’ll make yourself a fresh password to enter your BestBuy account. Make sure you read to the end if you don’t want to have to go through all this unnecessarily time-wasting process again. Passwarden is the name of the game!


What’s BestBuy?

BestBuy is an American consumer electronics brick-and-mortar retailer. Originally founded in 1966 as an audio specialty store named Sound of Music, it was rebranded in 1983 under BestBuy, specializing in consumer electronics made by renowned brands. It sells pretty much any kind of electronics, including computers, home theater TVs, printers, video games, cameras, gaming consoles, smartphones, and kitchen electrical appliances.

BestBuy also offers services and products under different house brands. For instance, Geek Squad offers computer repair, warranty service, and maintenance. BestBuy provides an online forum for consumer members, where they can discuss product experiences, ask questions, and get answers from product experts as well as other members.

You can also compare and buy products and services online by navigating to and logging in using a username and password. If you have forgotten your login info, change your password, using the instructions below.

To Change BestBuy Password Follow These Simple Steps

If you can’t remember your BestBuy password, you should reset or change it, following the steps below:

  1. Go to, or launch the BestBuy App on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the Sign In link (, or the Join link (BestBuy App).
  3. Click on Reset it
  4. Enter the Email Address you used for your BestBuy account, and press Continue.
  5. Choose where you want to receive the verification code.
  6. Enter the Verification Code once you receive it and press Continue.
  7. Create a strong password, enter and confirm it.
  8. You may be asked to enter a recovery phone number. Enter it and then press Save and Continue.

You’re almost done! You will now receive a Password Changed confirmation via email. As suggested in the instructions above, always change your passwords to strong ones, using all alphanumerical and special characters. However, remembering multiple unique and complex passwords is not easy. This is where a password manager comes to play.

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Meet Passwarden

Changing your passwords is a never-ending task and an unremitting responsibility. You need to change them regularly for maximal protection of your data and identity. Managing these recurring changes while keeping your passwords strong requires dedicated help. Our password manager, Passwarden, secures and organizes your cyber identity and pulls you out of chaos.


The cyber age has allowed us, for better or worse, to have multiple identities. Managing one’s identity through numerous login credentials cannot be taken lightly. Passwarden is all about organizing and protecting your data. It lets you take full charge of all your passwords, including that of your BestBuy. Your passwords and other sensitive information are stored in the vaults you create. Learn more about the features of our amazing password manager here.

Passwarden Benefits

Passwarden is loaded with features and benefits. Here are a few examples of what you can do with it:


Protect your most sensitive data if/when you’re bullied

If you’re ever required to allow access to your passwords by coercion, use your Duress Password to log in to your Passwarden. This way, you only show the adversary the data that you’ve already planned to. Even authorities can’t intimidate you!

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Sharing login credentials via email or chat is a sign of cyber naïveté. It allows adversaries to intercept your data in no time. Use our solution to share your passwords with trusted people only through restricted access.

Create super-strong passwords for all your accounts and manage them effortlessly

Using simple passwords undermines your cybersecurity. In addition, using the same password, no matter how strong, repeatedly on several accounts is ill-advised. Passwarden generates complex passwords, using all characters, making them hard to breach.

Access your vaults from anywhere on any device

Your stored data gets synced across all your devices with Passwarden installed and logged in. Updates and edits are applied simultaneously and seamlessly.

Save time on online forms and login dialogue boxes

Typing long and random passwords and other information manually is a time-consuming job, and needs to be systemized. Hire our password manager to do all that cyber drudgery for you!

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