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What to Do If You Forgot Your Roblox Password

As we enter the digital world, all kinds of different online services and accounts have become inevitable in our daily life, for our work, study, or simply for leisure. However, it is always a problem for many of us when it comes to remembering all the passwords. We all heard about cyber safety advice such as it is recommended to always create a unique password for each account, but in reality, when there are so many services, the result is: we forgot, or got mixed up with all the passwords.


What to Do When You Forgot Roblox Password

Technically, there are 3 scenarios to find the Roblox password that you forgot:

  1. If you forgot only your Roblox account password, there is a simple solution. You can select a link on the login page called “Forgot Password or Username”, then enter your Roblox username, or the email address you use to register a Roblox account on the next screen. Whichever the option you choose, you will receive an email to your registered email address. You may follow the instructions in the email to reset your Roblox password. This way is suitable for you when you sign up to Roblox with a valid email address.
  2. In the case when you sign up to Roblox with a phone number, you can use the phone number to reset the Roblox password that you forgot. The steps are similar: choose “forgot password”, then enter your phone number in the next screen, click the “submit” button, you will receive a six-digit code on your phone. Enter that code on the next screen and select “verify”.
  3. If you still have trouble login to your Roblox account and can not find the passphrase that you forgot. You can try contacting Roblox customer support. Roblox’s staff will assist you with login problems. You can find the service at

How to Secure Your Password?

When it comes to managing your password, a password manager is the best solution. For instance, using its secure password generator feature, it is very convenient to create a complex combination that includes numbers, capital letters, and symbols. 

Moreover, the newly created password will instantly save to an encrypted data store and can be set to autofill when you need it. With a password manager, you will no longer worry about forgetting your password. In one word, if you want to be free but also care about the safety of your web assets, we highly recommend you try Passwarden, it is by far the best password manager in the market.

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