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Polycom Phone Default Password

Polycom Phones are known for being consistent in providing the world with an unmatched, exceptional quality calling experience. They have gained respect for their acoustic innovations delivered over three decades. In this article, we look into why you shouldn’t use default passwords for your Polycom phone.


Polycom Phones

Polycom desktop handsets have an attractive and professional design and are of high-quality construction. Polycom phones were made to cater to small and large businesses. They are made to handle the demands of everyday use, including conferencing, with crisp and clear sound quality. 


Polycom phones are secured by a default login password. The default password can be modified, which helps in increasing the safety of the network that the phone is connected to. When factory resetting, the login password, and all other settings degenerate back to their default values.

Default Passwords

Many vendors make use of defaults, for cases where a new operating system or device requires a username and password to log in. These pre-configured security credentials are usually only good for the initial setup and/or after a factory reset has been made. Although they are useful at this stage, they do however present serious security risks if left unchanged because they can be easily found on the internet or in user manual materials.


Default passwords are generally weak, and easy to predict. You could never put faith in keeping your system or device securely protected using default security credentials. security credentials are meant to control access and ensure security for your data and system, if you make use of weak passwords, you will run the risk of being attacked in at least one of the following ways:



Hackers can use this method to obtain passwords from users without asking and without their knowledge. Users are tricked into typing their security credentials into bogus websites, where one wrong click while on the website will mean giving up their security control without knowing. Attackers could also do this by installing a keylogger (software on the target’s device). Hackers depend on these methods to steal data and information from users by either tricking them into entering their security credentials or by reading traffic on insecure networks.

Brute Forcing

Attackers access security credentials using brute-forcing. They use software and automated software tools to try countless combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols until a matching password is discovered, hoping to gain access to people’s accounts and data.

Weak Passwords

Weak passwords are called as such because they are not constructed in a way that makes them highly prone to password threats.

A password is a key control measure for controlling access to a device and/or a system. People tend to have a password that’s easy to recall and don’t put much thought into creating complex and secure passwords.  Their lack of knowledge about up-to-date password security best practices may be what leads them to use common patterns to create passwords, like using their names or birthdates.

Passwarden remembers everything for you so you won’t have to – keep your data safe from any prying eyes!

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Note: Passwarden is a part of the MonoDefense security bundle.

Why Do You Need a Password Manager?

A password manager is like a journal, where all of your passwords are recorded, stored, and locked in a safe, whereby a master key only known by you is used to gain access. Password managers can generate and store strong, complex passwords and automatically fill in your password for your online accounts.


Passwarden password manager is trusted to deliver unparalleled safety and security measures for your data.  They provide client-side end-to-end encryption. Your data leaves your device already encrypted, even if it gets intercepted on its way to Passwarden’s cloud server, every bit of it will be encoded symbols that can’t be read. What is more, Passwarden’s developers also can’t access or read your data.


You can use Passwarden with Two-Factor Authentication to reinforce the security of your data and information. A one-time pin will be sent to your nominated email address whenever there are attempts to access your account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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