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ExacqVision Default Password

Exacq Technologies creates the video management software exacqVision, which is utilized in video surveillance systems. ExacqVision, a cross-platform video management system (VMS), is extensively utilized in a variety of industries. It may be found on exacqVision hybrid and IP camera servers that have been pre-installed at the manufacture or on commercially available servers.

How to Manage Default Passwords

A device's default password is a pre-configured password that may be used to access it. Default passwords for many devices pose a severe security risk if left untouched. Admin, password, and guest are some of the most used default passwords. A vendor's default password may be readily accessed online, either via a search engine or a website that compiles lists of passwords.

For initial hardware configuration or after a factory reset, default passwords are solely meant to be placeholders. However, it is not always the case that the user is asked to change their password throughout the procedure.

Device owners should modify the default password value to a strong one when configuring a device to mitigate the security concerns caused by weak passwords.

What is the exacqVision default password

admin” is the default username, while “admin256” is the default password. Change the default username and password to prevent unwanted access or system changes.

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7 reasons why default usernames and passwords aren’t secure

Using default usernames and passwords is not a smart idea since it greatly raises the risk of unwanted access to services and information. The following are seven reasons why using default usernames and passwords is insecure.

1. It is common for users to use the same password for many accounts. This implies that if a password for one service is leaked, unauthorized users may get access to a wide variety of other services as well.

2. Most individuals don't change their default passwords right away, making it easier for hackers to get in. Default passwords are often included in user manuals, where anybody may see them and guess them with relative ease. In addition, hacker forums are a regular place for them to be discussed.

3. It is common for people to use the same password for many years. For as long as an unauthorized individual has access to the passphrase, they may continue to use it for unlawful access.

4. In the last several years, passphrase-cracking technologies have become better at guessing passwords. It is just a matter of time until even the most secure passwords of today may be cracked due to the rapid pace of technological advancement in this field.

5. Social engineering may be used to steal passwords. Email scams, faked websites, and phishing emails are just a few of the many ways scammers try to get their hands on people's personal information. Moreover, a surprising number of individuals comply when requested to do so.

6. Databases containing user passwords are breached much more often than the average person realizes. In many circumstances, the hacker assault goes unnoticed, or it takes a long time for anybody to discover it. Thus, hackers now have unrestricted access to the passwords, allowing them to steal sensitive data at will.

7. Unauthorized individuals may get access to a service and its data if a passphrase is compromised. The user has no clue that someone else is accessing the service using their passphrase. And maybe even worse: the organization providing the service does not know, which means that external people can steal company sensitive information unnoticed. 

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Delegating certain chores to computers or reputable online services is a good idea since humans are a weak link in the security chain. Take Passwarden, for instance, an effective combination may be generated and stored so that it can be automatically filled up as needed.


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FAQ on Using Passwarden

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